Some Personal Thoughts/Questions concering the SCV/UDCV

From: "Billy Bearden"


As I have heard said to many a ‘late comer’ in the Heritage wars – Better late than never! We in the SCV who know of your efforts to piece together a defence for your people in less than 2 months without any solid historical knowlege (learning on the fly) is utterly amazing. I hereby nominate Ronnie for a Ky SCV Heritage Defender award and a honorary Ky Colonel as well.

Your questions are thoughtful, as we have spent 99% of our time throwing up breastworks and not much explaining who and what we are. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are the offshoot of the United Confederate Veterans, who were the REAL vets. We are direct and collateral decendants of a Vet with honorable service for the south. But we do have associate memberships, which I am sure someone in Ky will forward you and application ASAP.

We hold monthly meetings, we do Living Histories, we do Parades, we do Cemetery cleanups, we do Cemetery Services, we do Headstone placements and dedications, and we reamin ever vigilant to the forces who array themselves against the good name of the Confederate Soldier – ever ready to defend and restore his honor whereever and whenever the need arises. We also have scholarships & help with charities.

You have done more in 2 months than lots of us do in our whole lives in protecting our symbols, and you are an inspiration to everyone who reads your story (Sweet Julia and Darling Connie too!)

I will attempt to to address your concerns, others will too I reckon…

1) being that the original number of fighting Confederate Soldiers numbered less than 900,000, but today there are over 20,000,000 decendants of Confederate Veterans, the oppisite is true. We have a larger pool to draw from, but our numbers are low in large part because of schools and media, as well as PC.

2) the older guard of the SCV, IMHO, seemed to be content with "meet-eat-retreat" SCVism. But that in large part was, IMHO, a lack of any attacks on Confederate Heritage that we see today. Another reason is because the older folks we never raised to get out and confront people as you have been witness to. The infamous naacp flag resolution of 1991 is the key factor in our being more vocal. They wanted war, we are giving it to them, but not as much or as fast as we need to.

3) This and the last SCV administration are becoming activist minded. Last year the SCV went after the ncaa, this year a particular racing sport will get to know us. We are helping support students who get expelled for wearing flag shirts with lawsuits and school board mediations. It is a start. We do always need new blood, so there are newer programs like Robert E Lee Cadet Corps for young men, Order of Confederate Rose for the young Ladies. I am sure there are other groups and orgs that help.

4) Great idea! I will forward this on to my leaders, and others should too.

5) You can say that we are the generation that is turning the tide in that battle to reclaim the flag. The older folks, IMHO, agreed with or refused to confront the klan’s flag use, but there were many who did in fact say no to them, just not enough. Now with less than 8,000 klan members, we far outnum,ber them, and last year alone the SCV & Heritage groups have said a very loud NO! to the klan about 5 – 10 times – but the media ignores us.

I would think a PR firm would be a good way to help our efforts.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden

From: "Ronnie Parsons" <> To:,, CC:,, Subject: Some Personal Thoughts/Questions concering the SCV/UDCV -rp Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 15:37:43 -0500

Ever since the Allen Central issue has come up, I have been reading more and more about the Confederacy, its leaders, and it’s people. I have watched more civil war movies such as Gods and Generals, The Blue and the Gray, etc. (always keeping in mind who made them). I have researched and tried to find unbias stories concerning the old South and I have read more in the past two month than I have since my school days. I have come to one simple conclusion. The memory of the these people should never be lost and their ways should be a guide to people of today. I therefore have the utmost respect and admiration of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy in the mission they have undertaken in preserving the memory of these people.

Now as I sit here this Sunday I have given a lot of thought concerning these fine organizations and I have a few questions and concerns that I would like to address.

(1). Isn’t the very structure and requirements to be a member of the SCV/UDCV a self defeating purpose? I mean as time goes by isn’t it logical that these organizations are going to cycle themselves into obscurity? With each passing generation will the membership not dwendle until there are only a handful of members?

(2). Has anyone considered the fact that most young people have no idea what the SCV/UDCV organizations are, or are about? The ones that do know, seem to have a mind view that it is just a bunch of old people sitting around talking about the past. I know this because I have asked many young people these questions. The younger generations seem to be completely lost to our history and could care less. They see no reason to care. One suggestion might be to form a shadow organization that is soley for the supporters of the SCV/UDCV that would allow those that support the SCV/UDCV but do not have any ancestors as required by current policy. Of course the original SCV/UDCV would retain full control and say of this organization as the command authority given by birth rite as an ancestor of a Confederate veteran.

(3). It seems to me that the SCV/UDCV is currently operating solely in a defensive posture. Has anyone considered an offensive campaign to start spreading the true word of the Confederacy and not wait for another attack by those that would deprive us of such valuable teachings? Kind of like an old fashion revivial of sorts. Take to the fields, schools, and anywhere that will allow the SCV/UDCV to speak, be it private or public locations, and start spreading the truth of the old Confederacy? Of course this will take money to do so why not conduct a massive fund drive in advance and continue rasign money though these speaking engagements.

(4). Has it ever been considered to update the SCV/UDCV to a somewhat more modern (more attractive to youger people) image without (of course) degrading the core principals that the SCV/UDCV were founded on? An example of this would be something like the formation of a SCV-Cyber-Brigade complete with it’s own flag and symbols that are of course taken and updated from the Confederacy. And through this cyber brigade, begin taking up causes that are relivant in todays society. Of course these causes would reflect the values of the old Confederacy.

(5). This brings me to my final and possibly most important though. The Confederate flag (in various forms) has stood for various things over the past 140+ years. Since it has stood for various things, this means that peoples minds have changed throughout history as to it’s meaning. This is proof that the view of these flags can be changed once more in the future. Today it is more associated with negative images and racism to the normal uneducated people of this country. Wouldn’t it be great that if in another 50 years, the flag was viewed as a symbol of hope, of something good and honroable? If this country ever needed a new symbol of hope for the future, it is now when everyone is so down on the Iraqi and terrorism issue and growing dislike of big governent. There should be a campaign designed expressly at changing the hearts and minds of people in relation to the Confederate flags by equating them with causes that are good and righteous in the minds of normal, everyday citizens. But at the core of these causes would be to honor the memory of the old Confederacy and carry on their memory.

These are just a few thoughts that I have had over these past few months and I finally got to sit down and type them out. Maybe I am just being naive about how hard it is today to conduct such an effort but as I see it, it wasn’t all that long ago that the NAACP done just such a maneuver and we know all to well how that turned out.

Humbley submitted for your consideration,

Ronnie Parsons, ACHS Flag Defender

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