Seeking African Americans who are proud of our Southern Heritage
Let’s stand and be counted to show The NAACP  and the Nation that there are more than just 3 of us.
Just because one is proud to be Southerner and proud of their rich heritage, that does not make you a racist.
We are:
1. Very proud of the rich history of the South,
2. Believe in defending our heritage,
3. Believe in stopping the lies being taught in Yankee controlled schools across America.
4. Willingly to publicly display our flag and other symbols of our proud Southern Heritage.
I don’t know where I am going with this but the first step is to stand and be counted.
I believe we could be the best defense besides lawsuits against the NAACP. The public will see that we Southerners are Equal Opportunity.
Please contact me.
Al Mccray
813 245 0664
Al Mccray
Direct 813 244 0664
Office 813 972 4705
Fax.    813 315 6142
Columnist / Tampa Tribune
President / FSB Capital
Director/ CommunityJusticeForum