Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005
From: clifton louis

I’m a 39 year old 8th generation Texan.To me that is something to be proud of,that means my accent,the food I eat,my actions.My problem is my heritage is being obliterated by the public schools.My children ages 17 and 11 have no accent and are auctually embarrased by mine.They are taught that our heritage is backward and dumb,I tell them their family history on my side,I being the family historian.I am the keeper of our family records,the family bible which is near 175 years old and old family artifacts.They don’t seem interested at all.Who am I to pass these things to? They must be taught to the next generation,who must be proud of their heritage for these things to continue to have meaning.Our southern schools must be able to teach heritage,the real reasons for the war between the states,pride in being who they are.But you can bet,I’m going to keep on telling stories of my ancestors to my children,who will someday realize who they are.That they are 9th generation Texans and southerners.

Robert Clifton
Polk Co. native