Proud of Confederacy

April 28, 2008

I read with much interest a recent letter "Racism in Benton." After reading and re-reading, I am still unable to see what you are calling racist. Is it the Confederate flag that offends you? Or is it Larry the Cable Guy that offends you?

The Confederate flag represents an era of our history that we happen to be proud of. That flag does not represent slavery any more than the U.S. flag does. Slavery was legal for 85 years under the U.S. flag!

The Confederate flag represents our legal choice (at the time) to secede and form a new government, away from the oppression of a strong federal regime (such as we now have). The people of the western end of Kentucky were steadfast in their support of the Confederate cause. There were many great men who served under that flag.

We are not ashamed to fly the flags of our ancestors. Some people are trying to rewrite the history books, but some folks around here embrace their heritage. By the way, my father’s name is Robert E. Lee. My business name is Dixie Building Systems. I use the Confederate flag on my letter head, business cards and on my trucks. I’m proud of that flag.


Kuttawa, Ky. 42055


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