Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2010

Dear Dixie Outfitters,
Thank you for everything yall have done to support and save our Southern Heritage. As a U.S Soldier I am still a proud, and always rowdy, Southerner. I am stationed In Bagram AB, Afghanistan for the next 6 months and the internet here comes and goes. With this in mind, for many years past, I have bought Dixie Outfitters products from the catalog that has been mailed to me. With myself and many of our comrads in arms that are deployed, the internet use is very limited (with the connection and the amount of work we do). I am writing you this because I saw that the Catalog will no longer be shipped phyically. I do not know if this is only because yall are out of stock or permanently. If it is for good, myself and all the other proud Southerners in the Armed Forces would strongly encourage that you do not do this. Being stationed so far away from home, I do miss the "Good Ol’ Days", but when our country calls, damn well I will be there. From Bagram AB, Afgahnistan, and from all the proud Confederates around the world, we thank you for keeping our Heritage alive and stronger than ever.
Airman First Class Ryan W. Thompson