Proposed Confederate Monument, Shelby County
I’m sending this to a few friends I think would be interested in this project my UDC chapter and our local SCV camp are undertaking.  The following is from our fundraising flyer, but I’m not soliciting your monetary support, just sending this as an FYI.  We are quite excited about it and are generating a lot of enthusiasm, since at present there is no, not one, Confederate monument in the entire county.  Shelby Iron Works Park is 4 miles from Yodel Valley Farm.  As President of my UDC chapter, I am Chairman of the committee and coordinator of all the interested parties.  -BZ/Cuz/BeeZee/Betty 
Fundraising for Shelby Iron Works Park Confederate Monument  begins March 2012.  Many are unaware that Shelby, Alabama – about six miles south of Columbiana, in Shelby County – is the site of an industrial iron works that operated for many decades, beginning before the War Between the States.  During the War, it was a vital source of iron for the Confederacy, and after the War it was expanded into a full scale iron works, complete with company town.  Operation continued until the early 1920’s. 
Almost no buildings remain from that time.  Historic Shelby Association has title to acreage on the site, and volunteers have established a beautiful park, complete with museum, blacksmith shop, gristmill, syrup mill and kitchen, sawmill, country store, and other buildings, including a new modern kitchen and dining room that may be used for community meetings and other events.  Three festivals are hosted each year for the public to attend in the beautiful, shady setting. 

Two local heritage groups, the Shelby Iron Works Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Capt. William Houston Shelby Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, are presently raising funds to place a Confederate Monument in the historic Park, to honor the service of Confederate soldiers from Shelby County, and to recognize the important contribution Shelby Iron Company made to the armaments of the Confederacy.   We would like to invite our friends and others who want to keep the history of the South alive, to join us in this worthy cause. 
We will recognize major contributors in our dedication program, and also in permanent fashion (a plaque in the museum).  Any donation amount is most appreciated, but for the following levels special recognition will be made:
$50-$99:  Major General John Hunt Morgan’s Raiders
$100-$249:  Lt General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Cavalry
$250-$499:   Lt General Stonewall Jackson Brigade
$500 and up:  General Robert E. Lee’s Staff
During the fundraising period, donors may contribute multiple times and their donations accumulated to raise them to the next level of recognition.  Another avenue of donation is a memorial in someone’s memory.  These will be listed separately and should be a minimum of $150.  Annotate “memorial to …” on memo line of check.  Donations are tax deductible.   Checks payable to Shelby Iron Works Chapter, annotate “Monument Fund” on the memo line; for cash, we need amount, name and address ( unless anonymous).   If Check Mailed, address to Mrs. Betty Zeitz, P O Bx 245, Shelby, AL 35143. 
There will be an opportunity later for descendants of Shelby County Confederate soldiers to pay an amount yet to be determined (around $100) to have their soldier’s name engraved on a bronze plaque on the monument.