Propaganda–MARXIST STYLE–Secretary of War Stanton in action
The more I learn from you, the more I am able to connect the War of Northern Aggression propaganda dots.  Secretary of War Edwin McMasters Stanton, quite obviously was greatly influenced by a master propagandist with strong Marxist ties.  That man became the Assistant Secretary of War, Charles Anderson Dana.  Dana, you  know, was a second generation American Socialist (define Socialist as Communist), his relationship with Karl Marx was very close, although must have been unknown in the South.  While a reporter in Europe this relationship was well developed.  Later when Dana became the Managing Editor and a part owner of the New York Tribune, he employed Marx as a  foreign correspondent, giving Marx  an opportunity to spread the Commie venom not only throughout Europe, but wherever folks in America read the Tribune.
Dana, a professional communicator, in my studied opinion, was a masterful Marxist-Communist propagandist and was truly gifted at what he did—which included encouraging  and aiding Stanton in the publication of tons of anti-South, filth-filled lies designed to brainwash gullible Northerners into letting the war continue until the bible-thumping Southerners (men, women, and children) were killed. Stanton, himself, a lawyer, did not have the journalistic skills to be a successful propagandist, so relied on Dana.
The failed Socialist Revolution of Europe  was definitely continued and succeeded in America–allowing the Marxists to place their feet on the lowest rung of the ladder of the NEW WORLD ORDER of world-wide, one world Communism. The Communists played footsie with a very few insanely fervent abolitionists and started the Republican Party.  Stanton, with a Quaker background, jumped from the Democrat Party to the Republicans where he achieved enough power that President Grant, a definitely Radical-pro Marxist President, named Stanton to the Supreme Court.  Fortunately Stanton kicked the bucket before he could do his job on the court.
President Johnson was almost kicked out of office because of his attempt to dismiss Stanton, proving that Stanton had faithful supporters among the Marxists and so-called Radicals in the Republican Party and the government.  Wikipedia tells us:  "Stanton’s effective management helped organize the massive military resources of the North and guide the Union to victory.After Lincoln’s assassination, Stanton remained as the Secretary of War under the new President Andrew Johnson during the first years of Reconstruction. He opposed the lenient policies of Johnson towards the former Confederate States. Johnson’s attempt to dismiss Stanton led the House of Representatives to impeach him."
Your commentary on northern newspapers, censorship and mercenaries has given me even more reason to see Dana’s fine hand in the north’s propaganda ointment. Dana had the journalistic know-how that Secretary of State Stanton lacked. As a pair, they were the Devil and his hand-maiden with Dana being the former.