From: Billy Bearden
Date: Tue, Jun 19, 2012
To: "Southern Heritage, Fight for it Or Lose it!" <>

Proof Flagging works

OK Y’all,

From my archives I present this unknown tidbit for your viewing pleasure.

To fully appreciate what you read in this picture, please keep in mind this man, Ga State Senator Nathan Dean, a 28 year Democrat incumbent sided with the enemy in January 2001 by voting with the Roy Barnes regime to change the 1956 state flag.

Seantor Dean became an instant target of the Lijah Coleman led Georgia Flaggers. For almost 2 relentless years Dean was Flagged at every parade, fair, campaign event, fund raiser, and was given extra attention thru leaflet strikes at football games with flyers on windshields. Flaggers also assembled in front of his business 100 yards away from his house.

He barely escaped election loss with a margin of 271 votes out of 40,000 cast in the Nov 2002 elections.

After all the grief, Senator Dean was contacted by the Flaggers to ‘make amends’ and during legislative committee meetings Dean was the most powerful voice FOR the 1956 flag as an option for the proposed statewide flag vote under the Perdue administration where all other democrats walked out.

History shows Perdue sold the 1956 flag away as an option for black caucus support of his tobacco tax with help of current Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed.

Some folks like Perdue’s current Ga State flag that is 98% First National based, which is certainly more than the "2/3rds" Confederate version Roy Barnes changed.

Still, it shows what a powerful motivational force Flagging can be. Of course it got rid of Roy Barnes and the Ga Dem party under the "BOOT BARNES" campaign.

The addressee is Ken Waters, a leader of the Ga Flaggers.