Prof. Rod Baker
In a previous email I had told your readers that Prof. Rod Baker had shut down the comments at
It seems he closed the comments so no opposing views could be posted. He has made a post disputing the last factual posts I made. The problem is his last posts are nothing more than vague references and his opinion regarding Fort Sumter. His post lacks historical fact to support his argument.
Well all is not lost; it seems he has started a new blog page at
Just to kick the top off the ant hill I am going to post this—–
So why the comment box?? If you cannot prove historical facts wrong you would do as you did on the Lincoln page at shut down the comments and post your opinion. Even the casual reader just passing by can see what you have done. If that is what it takes for a "real historian" to be right, then that is downright pathetic.
Like the 9 year old kid can’t have his way so he takes his ball and goes home. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
George Purvis
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