From: "james king"


We in the Albany Georgia SCV Camp continue to work to educate the public on true Southern-Confederate history.

The Letter To The Editor posted below was printed in the Tuesday June 12 issue of The Albany Herald newspaper.

We believe in going on the offense. This is the 5th Pro-Confederate LTE that we have had printed in our local newspaper in less than a month. We write the articles and have different members of our SCV Camp submit them.

James King
Commander SCV Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany, Georgia

Southerners, prior, during, and after the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War-1861-65), considered the causes of Southern secession to be Constitutional issues that were violated by the North. Consider these quotes.

"The tyranny of an unbridled majority, the most odious and least responsible form of despotism, has denied us both the right and the remedy. Therefore we are in arms to renew such sacrifices as our fathers made to the holy cause of constitutional liberty…. "

Jefferson Davis’s Second Inaugural Speech,1862
"The real issue involved in the relations between the North and the South of the American States, is the great principle of self-government. Shall a dominant party of the North rule the South, or shall the people of the South rule themselves. This is the great matter in controversy". Montgomery, Alabama, — Robert Barnwell Rhett,1860

"All the South has ever desired was that the union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved; and that the government, as originally organized, should be administered in purity and truth." ~~ Gen. Robert E. Lee, 1866

"The cause of the South was the cause of constitutional government, the cause of government regulated by law, and the cause of honesty and fidelity in public servants. No nobler cause did man ever fight for!" ~ Rep. Benjamin Franklin Grady-Duplin Co. NC, 1899

"The consolidation of the States into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it". — General Robert E. Lee 1866

"The Northern onslaught upon Southern slavery is a specious piece of humbug designed to mask their desire for the economic control of the Southern States"–English Author Charles Dickens 1862.