Re 13 MAY article: Pro Confederate activist
Editor Columbia Daily Herald
Re 13 MAY article: Pro Confederate activist
Dear Mr. Fletcher:
I’m not sure what type of shoddy yellow journalism passes for news in your paper, but John Thomas affirmed that image in my mind with his hatchet job piece on my friend HK Edgerton. By going to the very for-profit $PLC’s Mark Potok for back ground on HK WITHOUT even checking the facts  with HK, myself or Dr. Payne, mentioned by name in the article, is journalistically unconscionable. This sadly current and oft repeated tactic is not the standard of ethical journalism I look for in a newspaper – even a Stephens Media paper.
Sufficiently chastised? I would like to submit for publication a guest editorial – or maybe Mr. Thomas should write a better story or I can just call and give y’all a good rear end-chewing and then we can jointly decide what’s best to be done.
Kirk D. Lyons