Private James Weadley – Ceremony
Today I was privileged to be invited and to participate at a small ceremony to replace a Confederate grave-marker to the memory of Private James Weadley of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry.
James Weadley was born in York, England in 1836. A publican by profession, he journeyed to America and enlisted along with his brother Henry. James however was killed during the Battle of Shiloh as is recorded on the family gravestone in Scarborough’s Dean Road Cemetery (Plot E25-25). today’s event saw the replacement of an original marker, placed here in 2001.
The importance of tracing these gravesites and recording them cannot be understated and I acknowledge the work of John Collier, Hon Member of this Foundation and Commander of SCV Camp 2161 who, along with few others has carefully recorded several hundred throughout the United Kingdom alone. Interested readers can learn more about John’s endeavours in our Fair Winds newsletter (See ‘link’).
Ian Dewar
President, 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc