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Dixie Outfitters Printing Specifications Guide

21 December 2007

Proper Equipment

An automatic air operated heat transfer machine (HTM) is recommended for the transfer of Dixie Outfitters images to your garments. These machines apply consistent, even and heavy pressure to the garments and require little or no physical strength to operate. Production rates are also higher because you can fold, package or prepare your next garment while the machine is pressing, without fear of over heating your garment.

Dixie Outfitters transfers can be successfully transferred using manual heat transfer machines if the press is in good condition and is being properly operated.

HTM Pressure Control

In almost all cases “more is better” when considering the amount of pressure to apply when transferring.

In the manufacturing process of your Dixie Outfitters transfer, plastisol ink is screen printed onto a special release paper and semi-cured in an oven. This semi cure leaves the ink in a “gel” state that is soft and pliable.

To properly adhere to your garment this “gel” must be pressed into the fabric and surround the individual fibers. More pressure insures the ink is pressed into the fabric. Inadequate pressure leaves the ink on top of the fabric and a bond with the fabric is not made.

HTM Temperature Control

When the ink gel is pressed into the fabric the heat from your press simultaneously hardens it. A minimum temperature of 350 degrees F is necessary to harden the ink. Higher temperatures will also harden the ink but temperatures above 400 degrees F will oftentimes discolor or scorch your garment. The recommended temperature for all Dixie Outfitters transfers is 375 degrees F.

HTM Time Control

Follow the directions sent with your transfers regarding the amount of time you should press the garment and transfer.

Too little time (usually below 5 sec.) will not allow enough time to bring the ink to its curing temperature.

Too much time will oftentimes cause the ink to stick to the paper excessively. This causes some ink to peel away with the paper and results in a lighter print on your garment.



Left Chest Transfer

Each Dixie Outfitters transfer comes with a chest size and a full back size print. The chest size transfer should be placed on the left chest of the garment. Proper placement should be determined as follows:

  1. Center the shirt on your press, front side up, and neck toward the back of the machine.
  2. Locate the centerline of the shirt and measure 3 inches down the centerline from the bottom of the neckband.
  3. Move 1 inch to the right and place the left edge of the transfer at this point.
  4. Align the transfer so that it appears to be level.
  5. Press the transfer using directions supplied with your transfers.

Full Back Transfer

  1. Center the shirt on the press, back side up, neck toward the back of the machine.
  2. Locate the neckband in the front of the shirt by feel and/or visually.
  3. Center the transfer image on the shirt left to right, 1-2 inches below the lowest point of the front neck -band.
  4. Press the transfer using the directions supplied with your transfer.

Sweatshirts/Long Sleeve T-shirts

Place the front and back transfers using the same procedures as T-shirts.

Sleeve Transfer

  1. Locate the top centerline of the left sleeve by finding the junction of the sleeve and the shoulder seam and the corresponding point at the cuff.
  2. Lay the sleeve on the press with the sleeve seam closest to you (the top of the sleeve toward the back of the machine).
    • Position the transfer to run parallel with the top centerline of the sleeve and about 1/2 inch below.
    • Press the transfer using the directions supplied with your transfer.