To Preserve Your Confederate Heritage Homeschool Your Kids

Posted on October 24, 2013   
By Al Benson Jr.

Just today I received a short article from the Southern Legal Resource Center
which dealt with what goes on in public schools in regard to Confederate Heritage. The article stated, in part: “With little more than the stroke of a pen, the Supreme Court of the US has denied Certiorari in the Candice Hardwick Case. Thus ends 10 years of the struggle to vindicate the right of South Carolina Government School Students to peaceably wear Confederate emblems. The 4th Circuit Decision, which the Supreme Court has let stand, affirms the school’s prerogative to trample student rights. This decision affects students in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Anti-student free speech decisions involving Confederate symbols in the 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 11th Circuits of the United States Courts of Appeals are left standing by the Supreme Court Hardwick denial.

And so the Southern Legal Resource Center has some sound advice for families that want to protect and preserve their Southern heritage—get the kids out of public school—homeschool them!

It’s good to see some group in the Confederate Movement standing up and advocating what desperately needs to be said to families that want to protect their Confederate heritage and maybe display it now and again by wearing a t-shirt with a Confederate flag on it. I don’t know how many people in the Confederate and Southern Heritage movements I have talked to over the years that hate what the public schools are doing to their kids, but when you suggest to them that one solution might be to remove the kids from public schools they stare at you as if you had three heads or had finally found a way to make Obamacare work. The concept of taking the kids out of public school totally eludes them and for the life of me I can’t see why, but it does.

Oh they will gripe and moan about what the schools are doing to deep-six their heritage but they will not take the kids out and so after twelve years of anti-Confederate indoctrination the kids end up hating their heritage and calling it “racist” and the parents stare wide-eyed and wonder what happened. You let anti-Christ educate your kids that’s what happened and now you live with the results and you don’t like it. Maybe you should have done something when you could. Depending on your family situation, it still might not be too late to help your grandchildren.

Chief Trial Councel Kirk D. Lyons has observed: “The school and the courts will not respect your children’s inalienable right to proclaim and be proud of their Southern Heritage, and in all areas of traditional culture it will only get worse. Get your kids out of the Government schools, and encourage others to do so. Whatever your inadequacies as a teacher, in most cases you will do a better job at teaching your kids, and they can wear Dixie Outfitter shirts and have Robert E. Lee’s Birthday off as a school holiday.”

The SLRC is planning on developing some on-line resources for those families who choose to homeschool their kids. There are other private organizations doing the same thing. I believe that Ron Paul’s organization is planning a homeschool curriculum and I’ve heard about others that I can’t call to mind right now. And there are all sorts of homeschool organizations and co-ops in many states that will help and work with parents. When my wife and I homeschooled our kids back in the late 1980s you didn’t have too much of that. I remember one lady that said to me “You homeschooled before homeschooling was cool.” I guess we did. I had never thought of it in those terms. It was what we did when we could no longer afford Christian schools because public schools were never, and I repeat, never, an option, much to the chagrin of the church we attended at the time.

Neill H. Payne, Board Chairman of the SLRC has noted: “It says something for the state of this country when Candice Hardwick peaceably displays a Confederate Flag over 4 years in situations that do not cause a single act of disruption (facts conceded by the school) and the rule of law fails to protect or even respect her rights.” Let’s face it, those who defend and protect Confederate heritage have no rights. As H. K. Edgerton said: “For Confederate kids the rule of law doesn’t exist.” He’s right. Everybody else get protection but the white, Christian kid who happens to believe in his Southern heritage and culture has no protection. He’s hung out to dry so the Je$$e Jacksons and Al Sharptons and the rest of the race-baiters can use him for journalistic and scholastic target practice.

And even with homeschooling you have to be careful with what you use, especially for history. My wife and I used to go to homeschool fairs and the first thing I would check out was what the different companies had for history material. A good deal of it was abysmal—little more than public school material with a few Bible verses sprinkled over it. At that point I worked at developing a mini-history series of booklets with tests that dealt with the period of the War of Northern Aggression. I ended up with five booklets in the series and I still have a few copies in my office. I wanted homeschooled kids to be confronted with a Southern view of the War and what it was really all about because what I saw in the homeschooling history books I viewed was not giving them that. Unwittingly or not, much of the “history” that was presented in some of these homeschool history books was little more than Yankee/Marxist propaganda. It would have been nice if the writers had done some homework as to accurate history, but it seems that, in many cases, they did not.

I am glad that the SLRC is advocating that people take their kids out of public schools and teach them at home. It would truly be great if every time some youngster’s Southern heritage is violated in his public school his parents would lodge a protest with the school and then inform them “My child will not be back here again for you to kick around with your anti-Southern agenda.” This is what we need to start doing. May the Lord help us to do it.

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