Presbyterian Women Honour my wife Pam


All it is with the greatest of pride (the right kind of pride, not that which cometh before the fall),  to pass along  the news that last Sunday at church, Pam was honoured by our Pastor and the Presbyterian Women’s Association of this Parish, as well as seven Northern Alabama Parishes as well.

In this months church newsletter Pam’s personal recollections from her journal entries from working tornado relief in Alabama were published as well as the article she  had written that  was published in two parts as the feature article of one of the local papers a few weeks back.

Our trip to Hackelburg Alabama was mention also in the Presby Missionary report.  I am most pleased to say that the pastor read aloud  a letter from the Northern Alabama Presby Association that follows verbatim as it appeared in the newsletter.


"Mission Work in God’s Economy"
As written by the Northern Alabama Executive Presbyter

In God’s economy, the visit by the Warrens and gifts from their parish and individuals around their county expands to serve the surviviors of the tornado that raged through Hackelburg Alabama in April.

The recent "outpouring of pure and generous gifts" to the disaster response and relief endeavors is stunning"!  In the midst of ever present and overwhelming  human need resulting from the destructive and deadly tornado strikes of April 27, 2011, your wealth of liberality toward us has been nothing short of amazing.

The Presbytery is positioning itself to respond to the needs of the underinsured neighbors and underserved communities in their recovery and rebuilding.  Your generous gift is helping us to leverage additional
significant funding from thE Presbyterian Disaster Association Program…

You might be pleased to know that from July 4-8, we will be sponsoring a free week of summer camp at our camp Maranatha for children and youth whose families were uprooted from their homes by the storms.  we believe this will be a gift not only for the children and youth, but for the parents and grandparents as well who are preoccupied with trying to make arrangements for permanent housing for their families.

We are reminded daily that ours is a connectional church, for we are partners in ministry and mission. (There is a seven member Tornado Recovery Commission hard at work in the Presbytery.)"

Now I hope y’all see why I am so proud of my Pam. Hackelburg changed her life forever, she will be the first to say so……..btw today (7/12) is her B day, I am too much a gentleman to mention her age I will say she continues to be much younger than I, and that she grows more beautiful daily. I am truly blessed.

Warmest regards to all our SHNV and SWR family,

From behind the lines in illannoy