Dear SHNV Friends,

There are hazards to holding the views that so many patriotic Southerns cherish. I wrote the material below to benefit the Southern movements.

Placing our names on a list as PD (Potentially Dangerous) and as "a person of interest" is very serious under the rule of modern totalitarian “police states.” I have labeled this USA intelligence-judicial scheme as “Preemptive Judicial Prejudicing.”  Current centralized governments do this out of being haunted by their own propaganda ploy that shows that they need to at least “appear” to be doing the “democratic will of the people” through our governmental forms. This conclusion requires no extended or strenuous exercise of our deductive reasonable thinking processes.

In other words, it is not paranoid for us to make this conclusion or to be concerned about what our government is doing in this regard. Think about it . . . OUR elected representatives and those we hire to facilitate their/our will, that are the actual implementing and governing bureaucrat elite, are the ones who should be the real “persons of interest.” They should be and can be monitored in an on-going and responsible manner without this monitoring violating their human and constitutional rights by those who elect or hire them, by those who have defined the authority and scope of their responsibilities, and by the people for whom they work.

The fact remains that our government servants, those who have been elected, appointed or otherwise hired, violate our human rights and constitutional guarantee’s by controlling and monitoring those who
elected or hired them in the first place.

This militant preemptive monitoring of private citizens, that is “spying on” and often inconveniencing of people, has been found emotionally-appealing and ego-building by local and State law enforcement agents and the more than 30 government intelligence agencies in that they now feel more empowered in same courts that have often disempowered then and spurned convictions of real criminals they have arrested and brought to trial, and paroled others who continued their violence unabaded.

There are a couple of significant differences in a comparison between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s and the People’s Republic of China. A major difference is that the USA is in transition from being a socialist government to becoming a full-fledged communist nation. Because of its strong Christian and industrial-marketing origins that made it a wealthy marketing giant amoung nations it still has some lingering infantile notions that their totalitarian practices need to be packaged and marketed to the “general public” as though they were selling toothpaste or a new Pillsbury cake mix. Instead they are framing new military invasions and justifying new ways to control the civilian populations that have hired them to work FOR us. Of course, the most important shared element of these three totalitarian states is that their orthodox Christian beliefs and practices had to be abandoned leaving churches and denominations that are but haunted by their noble past and the glory of the Gospel of Christ. Due to decades of serious compromising and
apostasy by American Christians the forced total collapse of American Christianity seems achievable by American Marxists.

This is a way totalitarian statists plan for the future of the USA in which judges and juries could be poisoned against a person during a trial when a "person of interest" might be charged with any form of a "crime against the state." It also encourages rough handling and the disrespect of citizens with their human rights and constitutional guarantee’s by law enforcement officials and investigative intelligence agencies. “Crimes against the state” only exist in totalitarian states that permit their governments to become highly centralized so that they see their responsibilities involving the social re-engineering of their cultures. Historically, the only true crime against a state where freedom and liberty exist would be in actual “treason” against the State. Treason now takes on a much broader and wider nationalistic structure and purpose, one that is not legitimate and one that invites tyrannical abuse.

This is extremely unsettling even though I should have grown used to it by now. I was informed at the end of 2011 by an agent who has seen my FBI file that I am on 4-5 “Government Watch Lists.” I had been told such a thing about myself 10 years ago by an FBI agent operating out of Greensboro, North Carolina. I met this agent while promoting my essays in Hillsdale, Virginia.

This agent stated that his brother was an office chief for the FBI and that the day before he had phoned and asked his brother to pull my file after hearing a man standing close to me comment that he believed that the current government of the USA was not legal and not operating according to the established principles of the Constitution of the United States of America and that he believed that “the Federal Government of the USA was too corrupt and could not be fixed. The gentleman this FBI Agent had overheard the day before was a highly decorated retired Air Force Intelligence officer. The FBI agent did not know who the man was making the statement. The FBI Agent then told me that I was on the FBI’s PD (Potentially Dangerous persons) list. There is more to this story I may write about at a future time.

More recently another federal agent told me that he had seen my file and that it said "Manning has inside government information that he should not have", and that they had concluded that I am not physically dangerous or a threat to the country, which is true.

The reasons they said that I was on the list included several considerations . . . 1) that I had served as Chaplain for the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) (WOW, that is a fear that ought to make shiver . . . ), 2) that I served as Virginia State Chaplain for the MOS&B (The Military Order of the Stars and Bars which was connected to SCV for the descendants of high ranking Confederate civilian government officials and high ranking military officers. This group did much of the continuing education for the SCV.)

They fail to understand that dry boring historical investigators, however slow and reconstructed they may be, when given 2 and 2, may sometimes understand that when you add 2 to 2 that you just may expect
that the answer is 4. I have long believed that an accurate knowledge of the past, however painful and hidden some of that knowledge may be, should not be explained away but should be understood so that the present day can be better understood and that the future may not be such a shock.

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