Praise to those who respect ancestors

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have a heart for our ancestry. A lone grave in the woods, a family or private cemetery, or a community or a church cemetery is a sacred and hallowed ground. We need to unite in order to preserve those sites.

I want to express my deep appreciation to the person or the persons who set off a sacred place located on Confederate Boulevard within the town of Appomattox between Andy Booth’s garage and J.E. Jamerson & Sons. How wonderful to find someone who cares!

Too many graves and entire cemeteries have been destroyed. What carelessness! In the area between the town of Appomattox and the Police Tower Road lie the remains of many of our fallen ancestors. Shame! Shame! Shame! It is illegal to disturb or destroy a grave or a cemetery. One of my own family cemeteries has been desecrated. This breaks my heart. A Civil War hero has been disturbed there.

It is illegal to in any way mess with graves. For example, when my Daddy was highway inspector, building roads, whenever the crew came across a grave, all work ceased. The family was sought out and care was given to the deceased to have him/her properly buried. Then the work resumed.

Also, you landowners who have fenced in cemeteries need to make those graves accessible to the family for visitations. It is the law that families have visitation rights. An open route for family visitation should be made available. Anyone has the right to get to those graves.

I challenge you, the reader, to join me in search of the resting places of our ancestors.

If you locate a grave or a cemetery, I urge you to send such information to me. At least, we can mark and catalog those graves.

Thank you for your help!

Barbara Shelton