From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Wed, Mar 14, 2012
Subject: Nathan Bedford Forrest / Pot can’t call the Kettle Black / An Open Letter and Open Report/
To: siegels1 <>

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

The wife of Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders should find herself under criminal prosecution for openly instigating a hate crime and should have her radio talk show immediately removed from the airways by the FCC and Justice Department for her actions that incited and arguably led to the unlawful removal of the bust of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Alabama.

It has become more and more apparent that the Dream of King has been sabotaged by Black hate mongers like Sanders who falsely profess to march in his step, and has clearly indicated by her actions, past and present that she is no better than those she points her fingers at with her distorted inacucurate accountings of history, or clearly her open disregard or respect for the law. My mom use to always say that the pot can’t call the kettle black.

I have crossed the Edmond Petus Bridge in Selma on at least three different occasions, and none more proud than the day that I crossed it with the Honorable Butch Godwin and my brother Terry Lee on the Historic March Across Dixie nearly ten years ago. And would be made more proud as those citizens Black and White who gathered would lead me to the Live Oak Cemetery to the monument of General Forrest for a brief ceremony in honor of those black Confederates who rode with the General who would proclaim of them that they had stayed with him, and better Confederates did not live. And I as the dry bones of multitudes of Africans freed or indentured would proclaim that in General Forrest, the Southern African had truly found a friend.

On April 13, 2012, and again later this year as I mark the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States and the ten year anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie, I shall don the uniform of the Southern soldier , cross once again the Edmond Petus Bridge , and make my way to Live Oak Cemetery to salute a man (General Forrest ) who would salute those who look like me.

Your brother,