A possible new strategy
From: vaproto@optonline.net
Gentlemen and Ladies (or vice versa):
I have noticed with considerable disgust, another spate of “hate letters” to the various outlets regarding the Battle Flag. Frankly, folks, this gets real old, real quick. And, of course, good people will respond – myself included when time permits.
But it seems to me that we are always responding. We are always trying to make up ground against spurious charges already made and therefore, already in the minds of the reader – a situation that gives the first post the edge. As everyone knows, it takes at least a paragraph and maybe more to refute some of the dumbest assertions about the flag, about the Confederacy and about Southerners. That means they can say what they want in four or five sentences and we have to try to address every lie with an intelligent response that almost immediately causes our response to be rejected for the sake of length alone!
Well, it’s time to become proactive rather than reactive; that is, it’s time for us to write the first letter. In that way, we can say what needs to be said about the flag without being concerned about responding to prior lies. Let them try to refute what we say instead of the other way ‘round. They don’t have any facts, just subjective feelings and it is hard to refute facts with feelings – far harder than to refute feelings with facts!
In any event, if this sounds like a plan, perhaps y’all might spread it around and see if we can get a campaign going to those newspapers and other outlets that in the past have carried flag controversies – and even those who have not. The letters could begin with a statement regarding the present “out of control” federal government which gives an introduction into any “op-ed” feature these days.
In any event, it’s just a thought.