Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Poor Widdle Bwooks

He can’t decide whether he’s a thunderous, righteous revealer of dark and terrible secrets, or a poor widdle put-upon victim of a couple of big, bad Southern gals.

I guess he’s entered a permanent state of pissed-off … except for the interludes of self-pity.

He sez, "In yet another stunt typical of the Flagger movement, Susan Hathaway issued this ‘plea’ for her followers and supporters not to go after me … after the attempt to go after me failed," and "Her statement asking for restraint comes after an effort at retaliation failed."

Do you suppose he imagines if he repeats it enough, people will believe it?



So, somebody did to him what he tried to do to Susan, only not in nearly as public a manner as he did. But the timing of her statement had nothing to do with him or the "attack" on him. If he knew as much as he lets on, he’d know the reason for it.

Make that pissed off, self-pitying, and paranoid.

So then he says, "You’ll note that the post was uploaded by Flagger spokesperson Connie Chastain, who has posted personal information about me in the past."

Yes, I’ve posted the personal information of where he’s employed and his job title, many, many times:


And I’ve posted the name of the city where he lives:


Where do you suppose I got that information? Has he got enemies and spies in the Grand Canyon State willing to sell his info to retired insurance secretary bloggers in Florida?  Well, no, not exactly.

I got the city from Simpson’s own Twitter feed.

And for his title and employer, from his own blog.

Of course, it’s all over elsewhere on the WORLD WIDE WEB — on Wikipedia, and ASU’s website and C-SPAN and, well, look here at this search index and see how many of these entries include his job title and place of employment:

Keep in mind that this man DID MY GENEALOGY in a deliberate effort to find something he could post on his blog and embarrass me with. It didn’t embarrass me, alas…all that work for nuthin’. He’s tried to do similarly embarrassing things to other people, too. You gotta wonder what it does for him….  (And it’s real peculiar what he considers to be embarrassing)

So anyway, he backs a petition seeking to stop the free expression of the Flaggers, he spews Twitter blasts to the Richmond media with his white supremacy lies/hallucinations, he gives a forum to a leftwing lunatic who used it to issue a threat to the Flaggers on Simpson’s very blog, and he posts information about Susan’s private sector employment and employer, and HE SAYS THE FLAGGERS ARE TRYING TO LIMIT FREE SPEECH?

It’s interesting to speculate on WHY he posted Susan’s private sector employment information. What did he expect to come of it? What did he WANT to come of it?

In any case, now he’s pitching a pity party because somebody contacted his employer. He he knows nothing will come of it because (A) the educational establishment in this country leans as far left as Simpson does and (B) he has tenure.

(He sez,"Arizona State University stands behind the constitutionally-protected free speech rights of its employees acting as private citizens."  Isn’t that funny? Isn’t it just hilarious? Can you imagine how rightwing professors [if such a thing could be found] would fare at the hands of ASU officials if, acting as private citizens, they did the rightwing equivalent of what Simpson does? Absolute scream, isn’t it?)

So he’s whining and moaning about … two women. TWO SOUTHERN WOMEN.

Simpson. Dial 1-800-W-A-A-A.

Let this be a lesson to all you men out there, especially floggers. Do NOT cross a Southern woman, whether she’s a pretty, plucky lady in a red top like Susan or an ol’ broad like me. We are baaaaad, man. You post private information about us, we will take your already-public information and MAKE IT PUBLIC! Got that?

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