From: GeorgiaFlagger@JoiMail.com
To: brodskya@wlu.edu
W&L Professor Anna Brodsky, 2011
"There is certainly a sense that for a lot of people it means discrimination, injustice and it symbolizes slavery"
I have seen polls from Harris, Rasmussen, and Mason Dixon regarding various aspects of what the Confederate flag means to others. NOT one single national poll came in under 50% in opposition to the Confederate flag. Along the same thoughts, 2 Commonwealth-wide polls were taken right after the original Confederate History Month Proclamation issued by Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell – and upwards of 60% were IN FAVOR of the issuance.




The average citizen in their homes and on the streets have no real problem with anything Confederate. Tourists travel from across the globe to visit Confederate sites and purchase similar merchandise thereof. When such wild unfounded statements are blurted out to hungry microphones, the reporters should do a few minutes of simple research to expose the lies and hypocrisy.
Come on media! Defend truth and expose lies!
Thanks and God Bless
William Bearden
Carrollton Ga