Politically Correct Professors
by Al Benson Jr.

On my blog spot http://revisedhistory.wordpress.com  I have been working on a series of articles about secession and all the reasons for it and why it was, and is, legal. So far the reception of these articles has been pretty good and quite a few folks have been reading them. I’ve done 6 or 7 in a row up to this point.

Most of the commentary I have gotten back from folks has been positive, but then, with my pro-Southern audience I sort of expected that most folks would tend to agree with me.

However, after the writing of these last 2 articles, I have come across a history professor (or rather he’s come across me, I don’t know which) from a community college on the West (Left) Coast and he is busily emailing me replies to my articles trying to show me how far off I am–that secession is not legal, that the Constitution was not a compact between the States, which I believe it was, but was, rather, a situation that, once a state got into it they could never get out unless all the states agreed to let them go.

To me this is the usual politically correct version of history, and also, to me, political correctness is really nothing more than Cultural Marxism, which is nothing more than Marxism taken to a new level. No doubt there are many folks who have bought into political correctness that have no idea of what it really is or where it came from, but unfortunately, they do as much damage with it as those Marxists that do realize where it came from and what its goal (the destruction of Western culture, particularly Christianity) really is.

Since secession can be practiced on many levels, I would advocate, for folks who have not bought into the political correctness permeating the culture around them, that they secede culturally from the politically correct culture around them. One way to do this would be to remove your children from the government school system, which spreads political correctness around as much, if not more, than many other government institutions. Take your kids and secede from the public school system. Find a good Christian school for them or if you are not able to afford to do that, then teach them at home. It is something that can be done, not all that expensively, and there are lots of home schooling resources out there now that didn’t exist when my wife and I home schooled our kids back in the late 1980s.

Private Christian education would be a major step away from political correctness in the area of education and I would recommend it to all that are able to do it.

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