Your politically correct behavior

Mr. Culp,

I am Dewey Barber, owner of Dixie Outfitters and graduate of NCSU in 1970. You can view our web site at

Our company is a manufacturer of Southern heritage apparel, and we work every day with others to preserve our Southern heritage and the good name of our Southern ancestors. 260,000 Southerners’ gave their lives to protect their families from the invasion of the Northern armies and they deserve respect and acknowledgment of their ultimate sacrifice.

I read with much distain of your capitulation to the politically correct whining of one of your neighbors who was offended by your Confederate flags.

I cannot understand how you would meekly remove and hide symbols of your heritage just because one person (or even a whole group of people ) do not understand or is ignorant of the truth of the War for Southern Independence. Perhaps you are ignorant of the sacrifice of your ancestors as well. If you would like to learn some of the truth go to

The war was not fought over slavery as taught by our public schools. A little independent research will verify this fact. The Southern states seceded from the Union legally and the Northern armies of Lincoln invaded our South and forced us back into the Union at gunpoint. This is not the Union of States that our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote our Constitution.

You could have taken this opportunity to make a statement supporting your ancestors. Instead you have dishonored those brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the land you now take for granted. May their spirits forever haunt you.

Dewey Barber

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