Re: Emancipation Proclamation: Was Lincoln Motivated By Political Expediency or Religious Conviction?


Google : The Lincoln Plan that he wished to institute after the war to colonize blacks outside the United States. Lincoln was not a friend of blacks according to his own writtings. He did not see them as equals with whites & definately did not want them to be a part of white society as proven by him pressuring every congressman after the war to approve the Lincoln Plan of colonizing black separate of white society.

It is my opinon that Lincoln`s relentless pursuit & political pressure on congress to act on this was the cause of his assination by the Abolitionist in his own government. They did not want to loose the
political advantages they had gained by pushing for the blacks to be freed only to see them removed from the American political equation in the future i.e, used as a political tool for liberal gain.

One only need look at America today to see the end results of those rights & freedoms average Americans have lost at the hands of liberals staying on top of the political pile.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama