By Frosty Wooldridge
August 7, 2008

Most American citizens stand in fear of their shadows. They sit down when they could stand up! They remain silent when their voices need to scream out. They fear something called: ‘political correctness’. All the while, they watch their country burn faster than a California wildfire with a charred landscape of linguistic chaos, cultural annihilation and environmental degradation.

They remain silent with millions of jobs lost to outsourcing, offshoring and insourcing. They say nothing as to our $9.4 trillion federal debt. They button their lips as this senseless and endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan continues to kill our kids and deplete our nation. U.S. citizens remain silent while an unarmed invasion force numbering over 20 million storms our borders by the thousands nightly.

A reader from Snowmass, Colorado wrote, and I’m keeping his name protected for obvious ‘political correctness’: “I heartily agree with your sentiments regarding the current tidal wave of illegal immigration. I fail to see how we can simply stand aside and allow the "Balkanization" or our country to rush ahead without impediment. The out of control tidal wave of illegals with the crushing load it has caused to fall upon our education and healthcare systems, threatens our very way of life. In the face of this threat, there seems to be however, a kind of disorganized, but nonetheless overarching reluctance to allow a proper investigation of the dimensions of the problem in order that it might be accurately identified and properly characterized as the dangerous threat that it is. If there is a culprit at the bottom of this situation, it is to my mind and without doubt, "political correctness."

“I am convinced that the "PC" phenomenon is easily as threatening and even more out of control than the immigration itself. The whole notion that we must live by an ever tightening set of guidelines, which constrict and often completely shut off investigation and debate on and of any number of pressing issues, is beyond annoying, and to me at least frightening.

“By virtue of the theory of political correctness, it is right now a fact that any number of ethnic groups are above investigation. Practically speaking, even the most basic analysis of their sundry negative economic and social impacts on our body politic is virtually prohibited. Apparently this topsy-turvy situation springs from a misguided notion that nobody is truly responsible for the chaos that their actions often ignite, and that it is somehow unfair for the greater society to find out why this is, and to formulate a plan of action to turn it around and stamp it out.

“Worse yet are the faceless "powers" that have conspired to appoint themselves as the arbiters of what we are entitled to know and discuss, as opposed to that which is in their wisdom, off limits to us. This kind of thinking might work for the three monkeys who see, hear, and speak no evil, but it is a formula for disaster at some point down the road for our society and the economy that is the foundation of its health and happiness.

“I believe it should be obvious to those who currently support the notion of political correctness, which by any other name is nothing more than censorship sans the vote, that sooner or later, someone, or some entity is going to come knocking on their door to inform them that they too now fall under these prohibitions and something, whatever it might be, that they have always felt was beyond reproach is now included in the list of subjects proscribed from public discourse. I wonder what they will think and how they will feel when that day arrives?

“There is a perfect, and apocryphal parallel with the German Jews, who during the 1930s paid scant attention to the fact that some of their neighbors down the block were dragged away in the night by Hitler’s Brownshirts. At first blush, how their neighbors were faring was not their concern. But the day came when there was a knock at their door, and they were the ones who were dragged away. A chilling prospect certainly, and for thinking people it should be a clear wake-up call as well.”

Something, some organization or someone promotes the destruction of the United States by forcing massive, unending and relentless legal and illegal immigration onto our soil. It’s not by chance. The last four presidents did nothing to stop it. The two major parties do more to promote it than arrest it. Our U.S. Senate fails us as well as our House of Representatives. No state governor addresses it or stands against it. Dozens of our major city mayors, Villaraigosa, Gordon, Daley, Bloomberg, Hickenlooper, Ruzzin and more promote it with ‘sanctuary policies’ that welcome lawlessness with all its consequences reported weekly across the nation. While thousands of Americans suffer rapes, killings, drug murders, drunk driving deaths, diseases, car theft—those mayors thwart our laws.

We now must endure Islam’s ‘honor killings’ in America whereby fathers kill their little girls for disobeying them as reported on FOX News last week in Texas, “My father just shot me, I am dying.” Another honor killing occurred in Clayton County, Georgia whereby the father killed his daughter for not marrying a man chosen for her. Never mind the man was 25 years older than the girl!

Our liberal media and press stomp or obfuscate any information illustrating the anarchy, cultural and environmental consequences provided by massive legal and illegal immigration. As if they and their children may never be affected by it!

It’s SO out of hand, we suffer 20 to 30 million illegal aliens disrupting the foundation of our republic. Yet U.S. citizens do nothing, but re-elect the same people who do nothing to stop it!

Most of them walk in the fear of their shadow and terror of expressing themselves through the 1st Amendment. Political correctness paralyzes American citizens out of their participation and responsibility to stand up and be counted when our leaders fail to enforce our laws.

No one spoke up against Hitler, either. Or Stalin! Or Mao! Or Saddam! Or North Korea’s little midget mouth!

It’s time for Americans to shed PC by speaking out, standing up and taking action. Vote all incumbents out. Vote third party. Vote for English as our national language. Vote to secure our borders. Vote to repatriate 20 to 30 million people who do not belong in our country. Speak up, speak out and shout to stop all mass immigration before we no longer maintain a voice in our country.

© 2008 Frosty Wooldridge

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