Political Correctness Will Kill Tourism
Editor, Times-Dispatch Our competitor, the Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce, couldn’t come up with a better strategy to ensure that Richmond’s Civil War sesquicentennial celebration turns into a flop than the Sunday Commentary authors of "The Future of Richmond’s Past."
There are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of Civil War buffs who would love to visit Richmond for no other reason than to see our battlefields and other restored and preserved sites.
What they don’t want is a committee to tell them to eat their politically correct spinach ("hear more about . . . slavery . . . women, immigrants, Southern Unionists, free blacks, and the common Confederate soldier").
No need for surprise when smaller and smaller groups of community representatives talking to one another in community conversations produce a socially ambitious, historically ambiguous, sesquicentennial marketing message. Oh, and no need for surprise when the tourists stay away.
John B. Keefe.