A note on Political Correctness from a member of our Armed Services

As a member of the armed services in Europe, I only get a tiny bit of news from home. If not for the internet, I would not have heard of your plight with the schools in Georgia. I was stationed in South Carolina during the debacle that resulted in the removal of the flag from the capitol dome and witnessed, first hand, the ignorance and PC rewriting of history that results in the type of discrimination that breeds such actions taken against people of Southern heritage.

It is becoming more and more clear, as time passes, that the proud history of the South is considered to be moot and nearly extinct. There are numerous efforts undertaken to destroy any record of the accomplishments, patriotism and history of our beloved Southern homeland. Revisionists historians now paint the War of Northern Aggression as a contest over slavery without ever acknowledging that slavery was still an institution in the Northern states even after Lincoln’s proclamation….it is noteworthy that the document only abolishes slavery in the states of the Confederacy. (a sovereign nation not adherent to the proclamation at that) Even the proclamation itself had nothing to do with human rights but, rather, was an attempt to impact agribusiness by removing its labor force. (a heavily invested in, well-kept labor force at that…more suffering and depravation has taken place among the former slave population at the hands of their "brothers" than ever at the hands of Southern plantation businessmen)

But you already know these truths. If you decide to disclose this email, please remove my name. As a member of the most regressively PC institution in our country, the armed forces, I would certainly suffer if my views became publicly known. Keep up the good work, and best of everything to you.