There’s a funny thing about crybabies… you can always tell when things aren’t going their way. They start whining a lot. And the worse things get for them, the louder they whine.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of Liberals whine about the in-your-face type of flaggings that have been going on in Georgia (in particular) and in other areas of our Southland. We’re obviously stepping on some PC toes rather hard because these whinings are beginning to increase in crescendo. I don’t think it’s my imagination at work that there has recently been an increase in the number of articles and postings to internet forums bashing our Southern heritage. And the bottom line of many of these diatribes has now become almost cliched… "Why don’t you guys just get over it and move on with the rest of us?" Or similar words to that effect.

"Move on"…. indeed! Move on to what? More government? Bigger government? More centralized government? The kind that takes the power of government out of the hands of voting citizens and puts it into the hands of insensitive bureaucrats? Is this what the Liberals are talking about when they tell us that we should just move on? Or maybe they think that our proud display of a flag that our ancestors died for is being "insensitve" to the massive invasion of our nation’s borders by armies of illegal aliens. Or is it that they think we’re being racist by opposing the activities of shakedown artists such as Jesse Jackson in his unrelenting extortion of American corporations and businesses. Perhaps we should simply "move on" and get with the program.


Sorry, chumps! But I have just too many Confederate ancestors lying in their graves, some of them put there by Yankees who "meant well," to ever "move on" to a submission to the kind of tyranny they were fighting against. And for God’s sake, don’t start whining about the "evils of slavery." It makes me think that you haven’t read your history lessons very well. It shows your damned ignorance… not to mention arrogance. Hey crybaby… dry up and get with it. It’s time to move on to a better system of government… the kind that our Revolutionary ancestors fought for in 1776 and the kind that our Confederate ancestors tried to restore in 1861.

K. Steven Monk

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