Please consider
Most probably you have already seen this video:
Now, I wish you to consider this short, precise, well explained and enlightening message as being directed towards such issues as:
1. The origins of the institution of slavery in the New World;
2. The Yankee view of America vs. that of the South;
3. The economic causes of secession;
4. Secession and the Constitution;
5. Radical abolitionism vs. the rational desire to end slavery;
6. The North and the black man – from slavery to exile;
7. The American system (mercantilism) and how it affected (and still affects) America and American history;
8. “And the war came,” Lincoln’s and the federal military’s plan for initiating and waging treasonous war;
9. The unconstitutional 14th Amendment and the imposition of reconstruction in the South;
10. The Union League vs. the Ku Klux Klan (the original manifestation of that organization);
11. Jim Crow: its history and today’s choice by blacks to separate themselves from the society as a means of gaining power.
I’m sure that there are many more subjects that would lend themselves to a short, well done and easy to understand video like the one above. Of course, time and a lack of education in many instances would require that these be simple, but a lot of information can be contained even in a simple presentation providing it is well done. Possibly a bibliography might be made available at the end of the video if people wish to learn more. I really believe that a project like this undertaken by a number of groups and funded by donations would go a long way towards clearing up so much misunderstanding and falsehoods. A lot of people who have seen this video know a lot more about the political spectrum upon seeing it than they did before – and that’s a good thing.
In any event, I simply ask you to consider sending this on to other people in the movement to see [1] how this video was produced (perhaps we could get help doing the same with other subjects as above, [2] how best to produce and distribute what is produced and [3] what the cost would be and how said costs might be offset by the assistance of those in the heritage community who wish to defend the South.
Thank you for your time.
Valerie Protopapas