From behind the lines a report and plea for assistance



I have been greatly lacking in posting, but certainly not in trying to stay in touch with what is going on in the Cause.

A skinny update would be, I am trying to work two jobs, and still play music at night. Pam was directed by her doctor to give up her city clerks position, because the added stress was nearing the point of her stroking out. If that wasn’t enough my momma has been in and out of the hospital so many times of late, I have lost track, and we are running the roads between here and her home doing our best to help out.

Happenings at Mole Church have been anything but dull as well. With the recent influx of gangsta trash from upstate moving into our tiny community (relative to the new prison here), we have had more than our share of skirmishes. Gang life has actually become a part of this once sleepy little oilfield and farming community. You see them everyday, with their baggy pants and underwear showing, their $300 sneakers, and that rap crap blaring from whatever they are driving. Following in tow are the little white trash wannabees lost souls. I would imagine they are the ones actually doing the bad deeds. Such as, the kicking in of our backdoor, the turning over of the 300 pound concrete bench in the memorial area damaging it all to hell, the latching on to all three flag poles at once bending them so badly that I took the center one completely down, and the remaining two look as if they have been through a hurricane. These are just a few of many incidents we have experienced since spring.

We have filed several police reports, but with only one officer and he working a part time schedule at that and most of the problems occurring in the wee hours of the morning, catching the little bastards in action has not happened. But it will eventually happen I promise y’all that!

Pam and I , are back to sleeping in shifts, which is not the best way to get rested for the following work day yet, it does provide a little more sense of security when one knows the other is on picket line.

We had it too good up here for too long I guess. We’ve had the respect of most of the community for years from our acts of charity to various community organizations with fundraisers and benefit concerts and such. But, everyone knows it only takes one bad apple to spoil the lot.

We have decided that the logical move is to fence the Memorial area in. Fences, like locks do not necessarily keep the bad guys out, but it should make them think twice, as it is not as easy to scale a fence in escape as it is to run away when the area is wide open as it is at this time.

When the fence is up, I hope to be able to replace the flag poles. My plan is to build new ones out of used 2 inch oilfield pipe. There will be no bending them like they did the aluminum ones.

I know times are hard all over for nearly everyone. But if you deem our efforts of the past 9 years of honouring our venerable CSA vets buried here worthy, and your heart tells you to, and if you can without placing a burden on your own family, then I ask for any financial assistance we can receive. Be it even a couple damnyankee dollars. If you wish to help please send a check in any amount payable to Behind Enemy Lines, earmark the check "for memorial renovation" . I give you my word that every penny will go to the memorial area. We need to raise somewhere in the area of $350, for the picket fence, the flag poles, repairs to the bench, and an additional security light.

I thank you in advance on behalf of my family and myself, and apologize for the length of this report.


T Warren, Heritage Officer Capt James Knox camp 2022 Ga Division SCV
425 Jonathon Street
Bridgeport, IL. 62417