From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Wed, Nov 2, 2011

[FlagFight] Plant Wansley TODAY
To: Georgia Division <>,,

This afternoon would find myself and Ernie Blevins back at Ga Power Plant Wansley – this time for an interview/photo session with the atlanta journal constitution. THE FLAGS are STILL THERE, but of special note is that the flags were all placed strategically behind the headstones so as not to be visible from anyone approaching the cemetery.
Today’s special guest was Ga Power spokesman Mark Williams. While the reporter was more interested in Ernie, I wore my uniform and was more the subject of photos. HOWEVER I did spend about 15 minutes in conversations with Mr Williams.
I was sure to lay out the fact that part of ANY closure MUST include a public apology, and a promise to abide by all Georgia Laws related to flags and Veterans grave protection from now on. I informed him that the Heard County Sheriff’s dept is wanting the name of the guilty and it might behoove them to disclose this name to the appropriate authorities.
Mr Williams was receptive, but also kept hitting the "we are still researching the land title and looking into a solution" although to date every single method of research has gone against them.
I was firm and hopefully he will take this to his superiors.
Pressure still needs to be maintained
Thanks and God Bless