FlagFight] Plant Wansley this morning….
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I pressed the issue refusing her request. I again calmly asked for the name of the flag thief
and further explained that Heard County Sheriff’s Dept Sgt Lisa Perry is waiting to press charges per violation of multiple Georgia Laws.
She then wanted ‘some time’ to contact corporate advisors for direction and would contact me around lunchtime.
I again requested the name of the flag thief, and quoted to Tammy Lovvorn the 2 most direct statutes that were violated. She then sounded very concerned – almost as if a joke had turned serious. She wrote down the laws I gave her and will ‘get back with me’.
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Great work here. I am still recovering over learning that Wirz was chopped up after they hung him and body parts sent on an display tour. There must be photographs somewhere, and we will need to hunt them down…the bastards. But this news cheered me up a bit.
These two statutes were the result of some very careful legislative work which fortunately no one took it upon themselves to torpedo.
We had friends on both sides and they were tired of the black caucus driving everybody nuts with these trumped up heritage issues just to claim credit for their serving their people. We correctly surmised that they would be open to a ‘legislative remedy’ to fix it, so they would not have to be dealing with these monument attacks.
The breakthrough came with the instant recognizing by everybody that if it were presented as a historical and veterans monument protection act, which of course Confederates would be included…we would have the votes. Attempts could be make to cut the Confeds out in committee or on the floor, but we had the votes for that, too.
It went through beautifully due to the teamwork involved…in one of those end of the session rush the last bills through. We will reap the rewards for that for many years…saving ourselves endless fights and bleeding money.
Jeff Davis can post a better recap of it than me as he was in the middle of all of it. Being able to rattle the Power Company folks with it now is the pay off…they should know at this stage of the game, some somebody is getting their ass chewed out over there on Monday morning.

[FlagFight] Plant Wansley this morning….
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Thanks to Jim Dean for prompting me to come up for some air or airing as the case may be.
Some health problems have sort of limited my ability to respond as much as I’d like regarding the passing scene.  As some of you know I have been battling level 4 cancer for more than two years.  Recently I had another operation to curtail some of the advancement.  Between the infection and the drugs I regret I have not been able to participate as much as I’d like.
Still I’m grateful to the Big Commander of all for the wonderful experiences and friends that I have been privileged to work with over so many years.  Thinking about it,  I have been kicking around for almost one third of the history of the United States.  With gratitude to Him, I have somehow been a part of a lot of it.
Jim and I sometimes delve into some of these experiences.  There is much to be told about events that are hitherto unknown. 
First, I think all of us need a word of appreciation to Billy "the avenger" Bearden for his dedication to exposing the rottenness taking place at Georgia Power.  This is something we have been on for several years now.  Those interested can see some of my columns in the Georgia Heritage Council archives.
It goes much deeper than Georgia Power.  It goes to the heart of corporate cronyism at the Georgia Legislature and the Public Service Commission.  Pandering politicians dealing with rate payer and non rate payer funds can be dangerous.  I know of what I speak having served on the Consumer Board of Directors at VEPCO, Virginia Electric Power Company.
Speaking of the GHC website, it is getting quite close to a million and a half viewers.  This is taking place while the main man, Steve Scroggins, along with Jim Dean are taking a hiatus to re-tool for some exciting new developments.
With regard to Jim’s comments about checking with me on some of the victories we have achieved, particularly the state statutes Billy has pointed out relative to monuments, memorials, and property rights, I will simply say that those items. along with having Confederate History and Heritage Month as permanent law is the result of a number of separate groups or individuals giving up their turf wars for the overall good of the legacy we have in common.
There continue to be battles to be won, such as license plates in still three more states.  Every day we see or hear of new violations of our property and our rights of representation and free speech.  There are some to be reasserted such as Augusta where justice is yet to be done.
You have heard me warn of Agenda 21 and Commutarionism.  It is continuing full speed before your eyes.  The current national government is a model of communitarians with all the unelected czars and the absence of consent of the governed.
Agenda 21 takes it to the world wide scenario.  Those who are familiar with the ramifications have reason for alarm.  Take some time to educate yourself to the surprises you have in your future.
Let me conclude by passing on a human interest story that sort of fits into all of the benefits of God’s Grace that I have been given the opportunity to be part of.  You have probably heard in the current news how presidential candidate Herman Cain grew up the son of a chauffer.  That is true.  He claims his dad drove for Robert Woodruff, head of Coca-Cola.  That is only a part of the story.
Get ready for this.  Luther Cain was my chauffer when I was Assistant to the President of the largest remaining property of the Coca-Cola leader Asa Candler and his son, William, known as the Biltmore Hotel which took up several blocks of West Peachtree Street in Atlanta.
Asa, a Confederate veteran, bought the merchandising rights to what became Coca-Cola from Atlanta druggist, Dr. Pemberton, also a Confederate veteran who developed the original formula.
William Candler who became a primary heir to the Coca-Cola fortune died in an accident.  His widow, Benny Candler, later Hanson,  became the head of gigantic business and philanthropic interests.  She was a Southern lady of the old school, loved by everyone who knew her.
The Biltmore Hotel was ranked as one of the classic hotel complexes in the US.  It was her pride and joy.  From it, she operated the various Candler interests including the heaviest endowment to Emory University and Emory Hospital.  She constantly upgraded the hotel with 550 deluxe rooms and suites, the largest exhibition hall in the South associated with a hotel.  Several dining rooms were the centers of activity in Atlanta, one with a full ice rink and a nightly ice show.   The Biltmore Gardens were huge and designed to attract thousands at each changing season.  The complex had its own power plant. a mammoth laundry and the employees had their own dining room.
Mrs.., Hanson and her sister occupied the entire ninth floor.  WSB radio, Welcome South Brother, occupied the entire tenth floor.
The Candler family business and charities were run from the Biltmore.  Mrs… Hanson appointed me to be the arms and legs of those interests as she seldom attended anything outside the Biltmore.  She hadn’t driven an automobile since 1935.  The executive staff chauffer was Luther Cain who had been with the Candlers since horse and buggy days.
Sometime during the changeover of Cocoa-Cola from the Candlers to the Woodruffs, it is likely that Luther, along with some other staff members served directly with the Woodruffs.  When the change later came for the Woodruffs to pass control, Luther returned to his roots, the Candler family.  By then, he was in, I believe, his sixties.
Mrs… Hanson insisted that Luther drive me in our black limousine on any official family or Biltmore function. At first, I was reluctant but that little lady knew what she wanted and she usually got it.  In retrospect I have to see her wisdom.  She wanted the Candler family and the Biltmore to be held in the highest regard.  I represented her at Coca-Cola, Emory University, Emory Hospital, all the various charities.  Where it really counted was if Mrs…Hanson heard that some major Atlanta business was booking business at some other hotel, they would have an official visit from Luther and I with the full knowledge she would be given a report.
Luther was also a part of the phenomenal growth of Atlanta.  When we paired up as road partners Atlanta was still under one million population.  Mrs.. Hanson arranged for me to get together with the best salesman Atlanta ever knew, William B. Hartsfield, the grandson of a Confederate veteran, in visiting with and hosting potential new businesses in Atlanta.  Luther’s personal services were available to them, as was the entire Biltmore staff and facilities. Mayor Hartsfield’s tutelage was to later be the basis for the tremendous development of Northern Virginia while I served there as Commissioner of Commerce for Northern Virginia.
Those who know me know that my inquiring mind had wonderful conversations and a relationship with Luther.
During some of this period Luther was working beyond normal years to see to it his son, Herman, did well at Morehouse College and beyond.  After all, the Cains were part of the Candler family.
Jeff Davis