To All:

As talking to those in academia at colleges like Washington & Lee or at Ole Miss will most likely be unproductive how does this sound as a plan to keep Confederate history & symbols visible in those places. Buy private land as close to these campuses as possible & install our own statues, memorials, plaques, etc. with the correct & true history about the soldiers & people of those colleges that played a role in our Southern history.
If those places find our history, heritage & symbols offensive to some then perhaps, they would not mind turning them over to us, ridding themselves of them so we can install them in prominent places of honor where they will be seen & can be cherished by the majority.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of the Confederate Rose & all like-minded organizations & people could & should work jointly to see that this is achieved. This would at least keep these institutions from erasing from public view & memory the sacrifices of our ancestors.
Last but, not least I would place the largest flag pole & Confederate Battleflag money can buy in highly visible places on or as near those colleges as possible. They might remove them from these campuses but, this would ensure all of them had to see our flags & symbols every day. This would take a little time, money & effort but over a period of time it would be worth it to keep them from being scrubbed from these places.
The best part is there is nothing they could do about it as they would be on private land except, keep up their continual gnashing of teeth & wailing in outer darkness.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama