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I once again have shot a letter off to this small minded individual, although I know it does not matter, I did so because I love to destroy his ideas and make him sick of thinking about what I wrote.

Leon Puissegur
Author "Forward the Colors"

Mr. Pitts,

I see once again you have set foot on grounds you know little of thus showing your small biased, and selective mind as being one way without any idea of the FACTS as shown by truth and DOCUMENTATION!!!!!!!

Documents show very clearly as shown by statements in, "In Time on the Cross – The Economics of American Negro Slavery, Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, (New York; Norton, 1974), Page 14;

"Slavery did not appear in the Deep South UNTIL Northern settlers began to migrate south, bringing with them their slaves."

Now why will you NOT make a statement about that, or is it just too much for that small mind of yours to understand?

Now just when was slavery established? Let us look at the DOCUMENTATION which shows the dates and the person who went to court and MADE it legal to own another human being, I am sure your small mind will have an enormous problem grasping this.

In 1654 a Free Black Man by the name of Anthony Johnson went into BRITISH court to earn the lifetime servitude of one John Casor as his "slave". Anthony Johnson himself came to the BRITISH Colonies as a "slave" in 1619 and earned his freedom in 1623 and in 1651 bought five (5) servants of his own. See Guide to The Old Dominion, WPA Writer’s Program, Oxford University Press, NEW YORK, 1940, Page 378.

He has become known as the FATHER of "slavery". I sure hope that your small mind can grasp the truth as written here because it is well DOCUMENTED, something that all of your accusations CANNOT show with Documentation and as such, they become "OPINIONS" and like all Opinions, they are based on suppositions that cannot be Documented.

Another thing I should point out here is that this happened under BRITISH rule and when the United States won its freedom, Thomas Jefferson stood before those other men and asked that "SLAVERY" be abolished as the new nation began, his attempt was shut down rather fast by the Senators from Massachusetts because they had an interest in "slave" trade, they did not want to lose what they had by allowing slavery to be abolished.

Now let us take a look at where "slavery" began, grew and when it stopped.

Slavery began in 1654 under BRITISH rule and for 122 YEARS it grew under BRITISH rule. When the United States began in 1776, "slavery" continued to GROW for the next 85 YEARS. Now from 1861 to 1865 under the Confederate rule in the Southern states, "slavery" actually shrank due to many of the slaves going to war with their masters then being set free, this is also a well documented fact shown in the chronicles of the Confederate States of America in the National Archives. During the entire War Between the States, slaves were not set free in the North.

The Great emancipation proclamation was not even worth the paper it was written on since it did not free a single slave and Abraham Lincoln even stated that it was a military maneuver that held no legal or Constitutional grounds, see Abraham Lincoln letter to Salmon P. Chase, September 2, 1863 where Lincoln writes, "The original proclamation has no Constitutional or legal justification, except as a military measure." This PROVES that if one believes that the emancipation proclamation freed slaves they should also believe in the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, and that the world is flat.

I must ask why you do not question the FACT as to why Abraham Lincoln turned down an offer of peace before a shot was fired; See the National Archives on the meeting with Confederate delegates.

To close, your lack of intelligence on the truth and FACTS outshines your small mind and biased "opinion" of the great people of the South. Thomas Pain once stated, "He who dares not offend cannot be honest." in today’s world, our Congress falls under the ideals of political correctness and in so failing, they are not honest. You sir have a lot to learn, but with your small mind and lack of intelligence on matters of which you know little if anything about, I seriously doubt that you could ever learn the truth or for that matter, accept it.

May God bless you even though I doubt you could understand that.

Leon Puissegur