Pitts is the pits

From: torpenhow@charter.net


It’s great to see so many SHNVers writing Leanoard Pitts and other heritage violators so vehemently and brilliantly the past few days. It’s ALWAYS good to see an SHNV issue full of good responses to the hate campaign against us. I’d just like to remind us that the term "flag flap" is itself a vicious insult that needs to be shot down often. "Flap" is slang, indicating a subject is considered inconsequential. When hate crimes are committed against Southerners or their heritage, the liberal establishment calls them "flag flaps" etc. When mostly imaginary offenses are committed on liberally accredited victim groups (LAVGs) they’re called hate crimes, atrocities, prelude to another holocaust etc. etc. This indicates that the writer considers them to be gravest outrages against humanity. This results in a brainwashed public that knows it’s all lies but endlessly repeats and lives them as truth. That’s where we come in.

Terminology is all!

Nelson Waller