Hungry in Colquitt? Drop anchor at Pirates Cove

Colquitt– And just like all the other towns we’ve visited, Colquitt has some great places to eat. A local favorite, though, stands out. It’s Helen’s Pirates Cove.

Hundreds of customers walk the plank, or well the bridge, into the Pirates’ Cove. They’re here for the down home food Helen Griffin serves up three times a day.

One customer called it "The best fried chicken in South Georgia."

Fried chicken and all kinds of Southern food that makes your mouth water. "That is Louise," said Helen. "I have two head cooks back there, she’s one of them and her half sister is the other one."

With 35 years experience, Helen Griffin knows how to please customers. "Good cooks, good service and we try to keep it clean. I think all of us strive for the same thing."

The same thing that keeps people coming back. "Everybody loves our chicken. Everybody." The good news is, she serves it, "Everyday. Snap beans is everyday. Corn is everyday."

Everyday, which is how often many of these customers eat here. "We’re regular. We eat here everyday. Best food in the county."

"Everyday I sit at this table everyday, and if somebody gets my chair, I pout."

But the food’s nothing to pout about. "I like the pork chops the best. Yeah." "Fat back. Strip-o-lean fatback."

"Everybody loves the cornbread. ‘Lil hoecakes and Lil flapjacks, southern cooking."

And if you don’t believe the customers, just ask the cooks. "When you come to Pirate’s Cove, you get good Southern homemade cooking with the best Southern Hospitality to go along with it."

"Best chicken in town," said cook Vera Mae Bradley. "The Pirate’s Cove is a great restaurant."

Yes, it is a great restaurant. If you visit Colquitt, the Pirates’ Cove is just off Highway 27 kind of catty-cornered from the Chamber of Commerce.

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September 9, 2004

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