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RE: Confederate flag used in Japanese protest
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<<<I’m not sure what possible connection could exist between the mass murder of 220,000 Japanese women and children by the awful and evil Truman and the Confederate flag. However, this man used the Confederate symbol to protest the US government’s nuking of civilians. If he wants an apology, he’s got it from me for what it’s worth – and it’s worth nothing since I wasn’t alive then and didn’t do it. However, I do agree with him that was an inexcusable thing to do. His use of our symbol to protest a bombing that took place 85 years after the Confederacy was brutally conquered by the same government that nuked his people though is also inexcusable. Use the Fed rag next time, Japanese protesters.
PS Can anyone read Japanese and tell me what exactly the sign says?
/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS — ONE       MAN’S OPINION: Number one, I’m thrilled to see a comment here nailing FDR as the genocidal maniac he truly was. Number two, I’m sure no translation is needed and these Japanese are simply telling the yankee fedgov they want no part of it!
The C-flag is the international symbol of freedom and self-determination. That’s what it is and I say so at the drop of a hat — best summary I’ve been able to come up with. And I’m thrilled, absolutely thrilled to see it used in Japan. The more foreigners show the C-flag it at such junctures, the better — like a million dollars of free advertising for our Cause, whether they mean it or know it or not.
I beg you, dear compatriots, whenever you see or hear mention of such usage, report it here. The ideal would be for every oppressed people or captive nation to wave Dixie and throw off the chains declaring solidarity with our Confederate ancestors. Everybody loves them except the self-appointed thought police, and they needed to be instructed to hate it as part of a mass brainwashing/re-education program.
Hail Missouri
More magnificent news is coming out of the Show Me State. I’ve logged three breakthroughs here
in the Nationalist Times print newspaper’s online discussion forum — the 6/29 and 8/16 items on decency, the heath Obamination, and demographics. Don’t be too surprised if this great Southern state ends up leading ameriKa out of Babylon. Maybe we should all target MO as the next "exodus" destination? I would appreciate people there commenting me directly on the climate and environment there.