Online petition aims to stop plans for Confederate flag over I-95

August 13, 2013
by Nick Dutton

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — An online petition circulating aims to derail one group’s plan to hoist a Confederate flag off of Interstate 95 just south of Richmond .

A group known as the Virginia Flaggers announced plans earlier this month to hang a Confederate Battle Flag year round on private property to honor their Confederate ancestors.

However, a petition circulating online aims to show the group how many people are opposed the flag. The “Say ‘NO’ to the I-95 Confederate Flag” online appeal, which started late last week, had more than 2,000 signatures as of Monday night.

The group that started the petition said the flag would not serve the community as a whole and will conjure up negative images of “the South’s determination to keep the institution of slavery.”

However, Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway wrote on the group’s website that flag will remind visitors of Richmond’s honorable Confederate history and heritage.

“The location is also historically significant, as Confederate troops are believed to have camped in and around the area during the Bermuda Hundred Campaign,” Hathaway wrote.

The flag is scheduled to be unveiled on Sept. 28.

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