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Perry kills his own state’s history and heritage!

Rick Perry’s appointees deny rights to veterans in Texas!
by Mark Vogl
Friday, November 11, 2011

Equality, freedom of association, freedom of thought, honoring veterans, remembering and understanding history, all of these principles set aside in Texas as Rick Perry’s appointees obey his command and reject an application for a heritage license plate by a group which represents millions of Americans! The same group approved a specialty plate for another group of veterans who butchered native American Indians. Hey, but that group has not been the whipping boy of the American media, and is a more politically correct sub group.

The Six Flags of Texas, well one of those six is quietly ignored. Which one?

The Stars and Bars, the first national flag of the Confederate States of America. You see Texas has had six different flags fly over it. One, the Mexican flag, is presently a threat to the state, as more than twenty million illegal immigrants have flowed into America. Governor Rick Perry did nothing to defend his state, and in fact was the major sponsor for the seizure of land in the state to build the Trans Texas corridor, a New Jersey turnpike style interstate intended to facilitate the transport of even more third world imports, and of course more illegal immigrants. Rick Perry, the governor, is not conservative.

Yes, he did hold one “prayer day” in Texas in three terms! Yep, one.  What a Christian! Very impressive. Rick Perry is a clone of George Bush. He is a globalist. He may have the Texas twang, and wear boots but his politics is that of George Bush.

So how was he elected in Texas? Simple,  Texas has conservative houses of the legislature.  You don’t have to be conservative to be governor, you just have to be docile.  Perry is.  He’s not a leader, at least he has not demonstrated he is a leader in Texas.  Perry’s decision to oppose the application of the Sons of Confederate Veterans demonstrates his lack of courage, lack of commitment to the South, and to conservatism.  This was not to get black votes, but to silence critics in the mainstream media.  Perry was attempting to look “mainstream.”  Well, if you support the policies of Bush – Clinton – Bush – Obama, which include wars in the Middle East, open borders for drugs and illegals and terrorists, expanding federal government, deficit spending, and world government, Rick is your man!

The decision in Texas concerning the Sons of Confederate Veterans demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Constitution, the ruling elite, the people who hold office in the United States, and much of the American people.  Democracy, freedom, liberty, Americanism is being ushered out, socialism, central control, censorship, and a new American value set completely unrelated to our history and original values are being ushered in.

The decision in Texas is like an exclamation point on the agenda of the people who are destroying the old America. Perry’s inability to remember which departments he would close in the federal government is not his biggest weakness, or mistake this week.  Refusing freedom of speech, equality, and rejecting Texas history is the Perry which most clearly illustrates his cowardice, and valueless leadership.

©2011 Mark Vogl

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