Perdue To Be "Through", and scorned.

Dear writer:

The “sensitive nerve” to which you refer is “decency and decorum,” none of which is displayed in this sign or slogan. I’m not sure just how you expect do anything more than delight those who have none and disgust those who do.

What, exactly, does it mean for Perdue to be “through”? Defeated at the polls? Let’s say that happens, and he’s replaced by either Mark Taylor or Cathy Cox. Neither will approve another flag vote. If Perdue wins re-election, which I predict will happen (send me a note the day after the November 2006 election to either gloat or admit defeat), there won’t be another flag vote.

Either way, there won’t be another flag vote. So your single issue will not advance one inch further. This means you are willing to sacrifice any other issues of real governance to what is demonstrably an issue on which you are guaranteed to lose. Want to explain to me where your victory is in all this? And is it any wonder virtually no one outside your own circle is willing to take your seriously?

The only good to come of this is that it provides plenty to write about, even if it has become Theater of the Absurd.


Here is an attempt to clarify things you must not understand.

In S. Carolina we have replaced Beasley for treachery. Then we got the Democrat Hodges.
IN Georgia we have replaced King Roy for lying. Next we will replace Perdue The Liar.
In Alabama we have replaced Siegleman and another.
It was Musgrove in Mississippi.
And Holden in Missouri.

When the word gets out that we will not have a two term Governor in Georgia until we get our flag vote,
somewhere down the line they’ll get the message that AIPAC’s $10,000.00/place dinners and Arthur Blank can’t get them
re-elected. It took Tyrone Brooks 20 years to get our flag down. Do you suggest that we should
have less resolve when it’s our families that are involved? Forget that thought.

Here in West Georgia we cleaned house after the following politicians turned on us:
Snelling in Douglasville
Stallings in Carrollton
Speaker Murphy in Bremen
Kahn (Barnes’s Man) defeated for GA House in W. Georgia’s 11 Dist.
Marable in Rome.
Terry Johnson in Austell,
Buckhead Bob Irvin.
Chuck Clay in Marietta
Nathan Dean in Rockmart
Charlie Tankersly in Marietta
Gov. Barnes in Mableton
Noel in Smyrna
Ginger Collins in Smyrna, and many more.

Now Max Cleland wasn’t even a target, but when all of W. Georgia and the S. Georgia Yellow Dogs
kicked King Roy and gang out, it also got Max. In these parts, you will find more respect for us activists
who are interested in honest government and our Southern heritage.

We don’t think it’s decent to lie to the voters, or accept it by your candidate as you are doing.
So who’s decent in all of this contest?
I don’t suppose you approve of the 5,000 signs that just arrived that show our flag and "Boot Perdue".
Mark or Cathy, or even Perdue may wish to go for 2 terms. Politicians go by which way the wind is blowing,
and Perdue even changed parties; so don’t count us out. Our strength is in booting them out with one term.
We told the Republicrats we can live with it if they can (one term reign).

Our own circle has been under-estimated by many. Perdue has lost the Yellow dogs and Native Southerners.
Perdue may also have Party opposition.
Ask Roy about our "own circle" and it’s insignificance.

Elijah S. Coleman Georgian
Gov.s Roy Barnes & George Perdue know about:

the 1,100+ Project Wave flag poles with the ’56 GA flag.
the thousands of ’56 Georgia flags and Georgia car tags we sold everywhere
the thousands of shirt and envelope stickers
the 50,000 bumper stickers were everywhere,
the flyers we distributed by the tens of thousands,
the cash donations we contributed.
the grosses of Roy Barnes One Term Governor T-shirts,
the constant flag wavings on Interstate overpasses
the flaggin’ protests against Barnes and his gang, everywhere they appeared.
the hundreds of newspaper ads we bought,
the hundreds of radio ads we bought,
the hundreds of letters to the editors we wrote,
the word of mouth to our friends and acquaintances,
the dozens of festivals passing out your brochures.
the king rat movies we copied at home and distributed for Perdue along with cases of originals.
the hundreds of large signs we installed for Perdue in most counties in Georgia.
the dozens of parades
the thousands of phone calls we made for Perdue.
the thousands of citizens we encouraged to register to vote.
the barbecues we gave to help "new" Republican candidates.
the tens of thousands of "Let Us Vote" and "Boot Barnes" yard signs,
the bill boards across Georgia,
our 100,000 signed flag petitions supporting our ’56 flag,
36,000 hits on our voter guides
the thousands of Boot Barnes Post Cards
and our numbers (real Southerners) at the polls.