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Mr. Furlow,

You are correct.  In their application for pension it also asks what company and what regiment were you with along with their owner/master.

I have tried everywhere that I know to located their muster rolls, but have not succeeded.  I certainly don’t mind if you try to locate their muster rolls since I have exhausted my supply.

These are the following men that applied for pension:

Ruff Abernathy  –  3rd (Clack’s) TN Inf
David B. Coleman  –  Co I, 6th AL Inf
Jacob Coleman  –  Co A, 11th AL Cav
Maurice Adams Cleveland  –  Gen. Jon Adams Staff
Mack Dabney  –  3rd (Clack’s) TN Inf
Nathan Gordon  –  Co E, 11th TN Cav, Co A, 3rd (Clack’s) TN Inf
Wash Harris  –  Cheatman’s Division
Richard Lester  –  Co G, 3rd (Clack’s) TN Inf
Robert Lester  –  Co K, 8th TN Inf
Giles Moore (More)  –  Malone’s Cav
Matt Rivers  –  11th TN Cav

I have 7 more Black Confederates that either died before the pension went in to effect or they just didn’t apply for pension.

I am mailing everything that I have on these men and VA’s response to me and also the TN state Senators to the Southern Legal Resource Center per H. K.  We met H. K. a year or so ago and it hit me to email him.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.  It does take alot of time, but it is worth it.  Working 8 hours, coming home and working, doesn’t leave much time to do much research.

Thank you so much.




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Ms. Wood,
Then the VA is obviously working with blinders on, if you will, for if I am correct in my assumption, the gentleman’s company and regiment would definitely be required and present upon the pension application, stating that he was in fact a Confederate veteran. I do applaud your efforts!
I am quite sure that you have tried this already, but if not, try looking the veterans’ names up on the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System website, at Their records are taken from muster roll cards that were filled out periodically throughout the war. The soldier, to the best that I can tell, did not write out his own name, but rather it was done by the paymaster/officer assigned the task. This would mean that anyone who might not be able to read or write could still have his record established. If, and I do know that it is a big "if",  these men were listed as soldiers on any cards that still exist, then they would be in the archives of their home states or possibly the National Archives.
I do not mind saying that they do not hire the sharpest knives in the drawer for most government jobs, and I have seen some pretty silly mistakes made (such as a designation on a headstone of "Co. S", for instance, that never existed). My point is, if it is not covered in their little rule book, they are not going to be very energetic in finding out if they can or cannot do it. If the muster record exists, then you are home free. Unfortunately this is going to require plenty of extra effort.
Given your attempts and the VA’s response, I do believe that it is good to get the ball rolling with Mr. Edgerton as you have; it is always wise to have a back-up plan. I will be happy to help try and locate muster records if you like, in an effort to take some of the load off. I do not know how well I’ll do, but I’ll sure give it a try.
Again, I applaud your effort and your dedication, for it takes a lot of both for you to have come this far.
Your Obedient Servant,
Preston Furlow


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Mr. Furlow,

I, too have received a number of Confederate markers for white Confederate soldiers.  I had their muster rolls and have never had a problem with receiving them.  But with the Black Confederates that I applied for all I had was their application for pension.  On the pension it asks who was your owner or master.  The form was filled out completely and faxed to VA.  I suppose the question about who was your owner or master tipped them off along with the fact that the top of the pension application it says "Colored Man’s Application for Pension".

Thanks for your interest and any help that you maybe able to provide.

Cathy Gordon Wood