Peak Oil
Chuck and All,
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while considering this:
This is an interview with James Howard Kunstler, a social commentator who is foreseeing economic collapse in the future due to "Peak Oil." In questions number 7 and 9, you will note that he holds out no hope for "Dixieland," as he himself refers to it. This is due to our clinging to a culture that celebrates violence and ignorance, he says in number 7 and we will, he thinks, become an agricultural backwater prone to violence and political disorder in number 9. He compares us (indirectly) to Portland, Oregon and the Willamette Valley. Having lived in both places extensively, I can say with confidence that being a walkable city does not make for a survivable environment in the event of a total global technological collapse and that Portland and its suburbs and exurbs will be far more violent that most of the South where love for God and neighbor will minimize most of the long term violence, whereas in the Pacific Northwest with its rejection of God culturally will likely pay a steep price, as do all God-rejecting cultures in history.
I would love to see some of the readers who are more up on the particulars of economic collapse and recover and the concept of Peak Oil respond to this interview.
Matt McCune
The DIxie Diarist