Re: PC, a very new invention


Dear Chuck,

P.C. Isn’t a new invention; it’s use was outlined by Karl Marx as a means by which societies could be co-opted peacefully and from the inside.

What is new, however, is the failure of nerve and courage by the “leaders” of American culture and institutions, knuckling under to a politically correct movement established by the liberal elite in politics, the media and other cultural institutions. This is even more egregious as the atrocious double standard that is blatant in this movement seems to bother those who follow this movement not at all. Either they are so ideologically rigid that they do not see that double standard or they are so lacking in common decency that they don’t care.

However, the motive doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the political correctness movement has all but destroyed the standards of truth and fairness in government, academia, the media and politics. It seems that despite the fall of the Soviet Union, Karl Marx is winning anyway.

Val Protopapas