Lynyrd Skynyrd goes PC – then Back Again – Sort of

…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor
…featuring  Clint Lacy and SCV Cmdr.  Michael Givens

In the Beginning There Was This Band – Skynyrd be Their Name

Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd found themselves splashed across the news last week due to a flank attack by a CNN interviewer looking for a South bashing story in time for the elections.

Yes, CNN…we know. This is an Intel website and question number one with stuff like this is ‘why now?’ The answer is obviously,”It’s election time!”.

The fake unbiased media will be looking for stories to stroke the emotional strings of particular voting groups who have been Pavlovian trained to respond accordingly.

The worst of this is the silly unattributed emails that are flooding around now. The newest scam is to claim that ‘Snopes confirms’, when they do just the opposite, but the hucksters know that if people get these kinds of emails from someone they know, most would not check.

Down South everyone got tired of the phony NAACP heritage symbols fights. Now that being anti-flag bores people to tears you never hear anything about the  NAACP as they don’t do much really, and most black folks know that. Similarly, many Jews I know view the ADL as hucksters.

But today’s story has a different twist.  It is no secret down here that some businesses rode pride in the South to good profits like Coke and NASCAR. Yet when the Yankee new management came in they were not always big on ‘business heritage’, so to speak.

Like the Communists did in the Soviet Union or Red China, you just destroy or erase what you don’t like, or need as a scapegoat, or both.

The same thing can happen to bands in the situation where younger new members take over from the old road bands that just can’t or don’t want to do the road thing anymore. The new folks figure they have their traditional audience in the bag, so they look for new ones to reach out to.  And if wiping their feet on the southern heritage can possibly fill a few more empty seats, then they are open to change as Obama would say.

We have this strange case below where one of the old time band members, Gary Rossington, ‘clarifies’ reports that the battle flag has been ditched from stage performances as not true. Rossington might have been encouraged by the deluge of angry fans that poured into their Facebook site, with the specter of maybe even more empty seats.

Yet, despite this clarification widely displayed on the band’s Facebook page, the Atlantic Wire not only choose to run the the original story, but refused to update with the Rossington statements.

I were advising Atlantic Wire, I would share that the reputation of a media outlet should be based on the Watergate rule. “It’s not the initial act that brings you down, but the cover up.”

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