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"Those who claim belief in the unalienable rights of man must also advocate the right of local self governance, the right of association as well as equal treatment under law. Preferences, Affirmative Action, Political Correctness and Cultural Cleansing are the opposite of equality and are the tools used by the enemies of individual liberty." — Bo Jamison


The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina which came ashore on the Central Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana brought accusations of racism by certain Black Civil Rights leaders and entertainers which was encouraged by the mass media that had given them plenty of free air time to espouse their views. This article is therefore a response to those accusations!

The subject of bigotry and racism is not a comfortable topic to cover, simply because no matter how it is explained, the material is usually misconstrued. It is my conviction that grouping people together and judging them as if they believed and though alike is a critical error. In like manor to express hatred and bitterness toward any particular race merely because they are different is inherently wrong. Often the enemy we face and the conditions in which we find ourselves is a result of that same person we see in the mirror every day. He or she is our worse enemy, not the other person! None-the-less we have been faced with a kind of reverse racism and bigotry, whereby in some circles being a White Person is equated in a negative and evil way. Fortunately this is not wide spread, still it has remained the platform and mindset of those in a leadership position within the so called ‘Civil Rights’ movement for several decades. According to the attitude they themselves have expressed time and again, they believe Black People are somehow owed a great debt at White People’s expense. This is a most ignorant concept, for if my ancestors were slaves of the Romans, according to this mindset, the Italians are indebted to me.

The issue of bigotry and racism has been hung over the Confederate and Southern People like the sword of Damocles by those who wish us to sit upon a stool of everlasting repentance due to our unique history, heritage, culture and nationhood. The finger of guilt is pointed our way as if we are a manifestation of all the bigotry and racism they imagine they are seeing around about themselves. It is time to take a serious look at those whose career and livelihood is to perpetuate divisiveness among the races. We must take a hard look at those who pad their bank accounts by spewing out the rhetoric of hatred. While at first glance many would think White Racism is at issue here, but this is not the case, for we address a type of bigotry of which a precious few will speak of in serious tones, that of Black Racism advocated and instigated by those who more then any other should be working for equality. Those who look through lenses tainted by their own prejudices and twisted ideals of profiting by keeping the ‘Civil Rights’ movement alive and active in a perpetual never ending state of agitation. If an overwhelming percentage of Black People hold these same outrageous views, it is because they have been taught them by their leaders. If equal justice under the law and judging others based upon the content of their character rather then the color of their skin were their true mission and purpose, none the of Civil Rights laws now on the books would have been passed.

Negroes, Colored People, Blacks or African Americans, which are they? When one considers the variety of terms used for the same people the question arises which is proper English? Let me state from the beginning this article addresses a real and ongoing social problem, which we will confront in due course of time, and maybe sooner then later. None-the-less if proper English were used there are no such people as African Americans, save those who may hold duel citizenship. Even then there is no nation upon earth known as Africa from which to hold the second half of the duel citizenship. In truth there really is no such nation known as America either, though the term has been commonly used for most of the history of the United States. The term ‘America’ applies to the entire continent just as the word ‘Africa’ refers to another continent. In any case there are two nations upon this particular continent whose title ends with the word America, the Confederate States of America and the United States of America, so who are true Americans. The other error in using the term ‘African American’ is that it assumes the term ‘African’ automatically means the person referred to is black. Nothing could be further from the truth as evidenced by lighter skinned peoples having lived in northern Africa as far back into recorded history as we are aware. While it is true Africa has always been populated predominantly by Black People, the continent has never been populated strictly by any single race.

Then we have the term ‘Negro’ which is actually the correct term for those of the Black Race, howbeit the term is no longer used, it being politically incorrect in our time. The earliest known term is the biblical term ‘Niger’ which simply means black, from which the national name ‘Nigeria’ is derived. Notice the spelling of the word is ‘NIGER’ with a single ‘G’ and not the other word which has a double ‘GG’ spelling! The first 60 years of the twentieth century found the term ‘Colored People’ in common use, until the sixties when the politically correct term African American was coined. The incorrectness can be understood when White People refer to themselves as ‘European Americans’ which also presupposes every person living in Europe is of the White Race. The more correct terms are either Caucasian or White People. The so called popular culture is bombarded with the butchery of the English language! Another example is the calling of a mixed group of men and women ‘You Guys’ which is a term also used when addressing an all female group. When in actuality the word ‘Guys’ refers to men, masculine or male! Then we find the greatest and most ignorant butchery of English, whereby the human race is divided into male and female ‘gender’ rather then sex, which is about as erroneous as it gets. There is no such division of humanity such as the male and female gender, inasmuch as the words gender and sex have different meanings and are not interchangeable terms.

Why then is all this being brought to the fore now? Isn’t there enough to be concerned with rather then discussing politically correct terminology? There is a purpose here and we as a people will most certainly be dealing with these issues in due course of time and it is better that we have some comprehension of the issues involved. Hopefully we will be prepared to do so in a proper manor! We must understand, the so called ‘Civil Rights’ movement has never stood upon a platform which advocates the quality of the races, rather that of a full time, life time position based upon bigotry. In order to maintain the status quo there can be no true equality, otherwise those who lay claim to civil rights leadership will become unemployed. It really doesn’t matter which so called ‘Civil Rights’ organization may be considered, they all are operated and maintained by those who otherwise would be about looking for real employment based upon something more substantial then their rhetoric. Therefore by the nature of their character as well as the status of their position, they have been from the beginning little more then agitators. Beware of their empty worded eloquence! We might notice none of them speak in terms of achieving true equality, but affirmative action, set asides, racial quotas and cultural cleansing. Howbeit they refuse to admit their movement amounts to cultural cleansing and racial quotas, never-the-less this is the reality. Let me use the example given by their own Martin Luther King himself that equality means every individual should be judged according to his or her own character. Carrying these principles over into the job market means we should consider only their individual qualifications and abilities, regardless of race! He or she who best qualifies should get the job and this would normally be considered fair practice. While on the other hand these people figure if a position is open, a Black Person should automatically get the job, irregardless of seniority or the higher qualifications of any other applicant for the position.

In effect those who have claimed leadership of the ‘Civil Rights’ movement have held sway among the liberals, the socialist elite as well as the mass media. Their bigoted ideals, such as they are, have been taught to several generations for more then forty years. There is no scenario under which they would acknowledge the ‘Civil Rights’ movement has achieved its original mission and purpose. In their view it is an ongoing and never ending process, a continual perpetuation of the mindset among their own people, that they are being widely and unjustly treated by White People. Interestingly enough they all claim to be Reverends and Christian Ministers, yet none of them have ever been seen preaching salvation according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. None can be found expressing a deeply held and inspired concern for where their people will spend eternity. We do not see them preaching the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior or of his second coming in glory. We have not found them bearing witness that changes come through salvation in Christ Jesus, not by social engineering. Never in your lifetime, for we must conclude these people preached a political social gospel only! Even when these so called Reverends and Christian Ministers manage to step into the pulpit, their only message is how unfairly they are being treated by White People thereby their primary intent is to alter government and society according to their own twisted vision. We see and hear a continuing barrage of hatred and bigotry often wrapped in politically correct phraseology. While at the same time when a real crisis arrives, they are quick to give their public interviews but can scarcely be found getting their hands dirty aiding the truly needy victims of a natural disaster. It is inevitable that once the Confederacy has been liberated, the Confederate Citizenry will have no other option then to deal with these self made bigots. They will have to be made to understand, the enemy they fear is none other then the individual they face in the mirror every day and like the ghost under the bed the real bigots and racists they see in society are but a holographic image of themselves.

The answer may rest in the process of choosing or rejecting such people as prospective Citizens of the Confederate States of America. In essence nothing whatsoever would be taken from them, since they are already Citizens of the United States Citizens, During the period in which these people are living within the borders of a liberated Confederacy, they would simply remain a citizen of that same nation and be given a reasonable span of time in which to settle their personal business and return to their own country. This same process would also resolve the issue of illegal immigrants! We are not speaking here of all Black People living within the Confederate States but we do include anyone who simply refuses to live peacefully in a civilized society and enjoy our history, heritage, culture and nation. Among these organization and groups of people would also be listed the membership of the American Civil Liberties Union ‘A.C.L.U.’ the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ‘N.A.A.C.P.’ and the Southern Poverty Law Center ‘S.P.L.C. as well as others of like mind. We addressing here that which is properly termed reverse racism? We have for to long side stepped the problem and regretfully this is yet another mess left to us by our occupation forces! Additionally those who have promoted and advocated such bigotry, including the hatred of all things Confederate and Southern should be invited to join the exodus. The liberal, socialist and politically correct segments of the mass media must have their licenses revoked at that time and these same licenses granted to Citizens of the Confederate States of America. Freedoms of the Press will then include the freedom of our own press to function as is their inherent right according to the Confederate States Constitution. When we do restore and rebuilt the mass media as well as the printed press within the Confederacy, we must remember the opposite side of freedom of the press is the responsibility of the press.

The issue discussed here may well have dissipated over passing years had it not been for the organizations which support these bigots and racists, as well as the liberal politically correct mass media which advocates their viewpoint and gives them the platform upon which to speak. More often then not, the present mass media creates a crisis where none existed before and in the process they make news far more often then being merely a neutral reporter. Their arrogance and rudeness blares from the television screen day by day as they provoke and agitate with a constant barrage of negative, agenda based statements and questions. When the day comes for us to build a mass media and printed press within the Confederacy, it must not be a clone of what we have today. We as a people and nation can and must build a mass media and printed press which is free, fair and prepared to accept the responsibility for their actions. Finally local and statewide ownership of mass media and printed press entities is an essential ingredient to a truly free press. The situation now existing whereby an overwhelming percentage of the television, radio and newspapers are owned by a small few corporations giants must be reversed. It may be necessary to review and redraft a new legal corporate charter to replace that which now exists under law. However when all is said and done, it is we ourselves as individuals and citizens which must be vigilant participants in the process, if we are to liberate and restore a nation so noble and honorable as the Confederate States of America.

Are black colleges, organizations and congressional caucuses good and proper? If so, why are those which are white not treated similarly? If white colleges, organizations and congressional caucuses are bigoted and racist, then so are those which are black. It is either both or neither!

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