PC in MN

From: twstrider@earthlink.net

Chuck, I have just become aware of the silliness that was started in the great State of Minnesota, so I really don’t know if Bloomington’s Executive Director of Community Relations was the primary instigator of what appears to be a misfeasance or not. But I do have this to say to anyone who is educated enough to listen to (and understand) the harsh words of Lou Dobbs on MSNBC each night.

Last night Lou Dobbs was bemoaning the oft-stated fact that our country’s so-called educators have really short-changed their students. He didn’t say it last night, but our country’s educational system is listed as the worst one of the industrialized countries in the world. And, of course, most of us who see that Rick Kaufman professes himself to be a "nationally recognized educational communications professional" can understand at least one of the reasons we are at the bottom of the heap. It seems that, instead of explaining a controversial subject to students, Mr. Kaufman prefers to just eliminate it. Perhaps that is why having students memorize multiplication tables (or knowing how to write) is a thing of the past.