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Jan. 23, 2005

In response to Dave Long’s letter, Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005 in the Gaineville Times, who are these "most conservatives" that want the flag issue to go away? Who is this "we" that have put the current flag over the statehouse? Are you talking about that small number of people that even bothered with the rigged flag referendum of March 2004. Yeah, the majority really spoke that day!

The flag that is currently flying over the statehouse has nothing to do with the honor of Confederate soldiers and no it’s not exactly like the 1st National Flag of the Confederacy. This was an effort by the current Governor to appease Southern Heritage folks and to trick them into accepting a counterfeit flag. He hoped we would all go away. Well, it didn’t work and we didn’t go away and won’t go away!

The Battle Flag Emblem on the 1956 Georgia Flag was not designed as a thumb to our noses at the Federal government over public school integration. You read this in some newspaper or heard it on TV and right away you believed it to be the truth. With just a little effort on your part you could find out what the real reason was behind the design of the 1956 Flag.

It it true that hate groups have adopted the Confederate Battle Flag as one of their symbols. They have also used other historical symbols in their quest to spread their hate doctrine.

1. The U.S. Flag. Yeah, the good ole stars and stripes has been used by hate groups. It is prominently displayed by the KKK and yes they call it their own. It was also under this flag that slavery was introduced and enforced in this country. It was flown on the slave ships sailing from the northern ports to the coasts of Africa to purchase slaves. It was also used by Union soldiers in an effort to totally annihilate the Native Americans. Does it pain you when you see this symbol flying at homes and on statehouses all across this nation?

2. The Christian Cross has also been adopted by the KKK as one of their symbols. Does this pain you when you see this symbol on churches all across the nation? If it does, when will you and others like you petition state and federal officials to remove these also? There’s a lot of crosses on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery, I guess that it pains you when you see those too! Maybe there’s a Christian cross or a U.S. flag on your relatives’ graves, should you remove their grave markers also?

3. Rum. While we are giving up things that have been corrupted, let’s outlaw the sale of Rum. It was used by the Northern Slavers to purchase slaves from Africa.

4. The Railroads. Let’s also shut down the Railroads, they were financed with Northern slave money and built with Chinese slave labor.

According to you, we must give up the Confederate Battle Flag because it is a symbol that has been stolen and corrupted. Will you also ask the citizens to give up the U.S. Flag and the Christian Cross?

By concentrating on the Confederate Battle Flag as a symbol of hate you have proved one thing for sure, the hypocrisy of the politically correct has no bounds!

The Georgia Flag issue will not go away until we, the people of Georgia, get a chance to vote on the matter. If you want the issue resolved, petition your elected officials to give us a vote on the flag of our choice. If the 1956 flag doesn’t win, we will shut up, and if it does win, the politically correct can shut up!

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