From: Valerie Protopapas <>
Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011
Subject: PBS program on Lee with comments on Lincoln
To: Nancy Hitt <>, Chuck Demastus <>, Joan Hough <>, "Dr. Michael Hill" <>, Thomas DiLorenzo <>, "Al Benson, Jr." <>, Donald Livingston <>, Dewey Barber <>, Gene McGowan <>,, Tony Lash <>, Lew Rockwell <>, Gary Adams <>, Timothy Manning <>, Clyde Wilson <>

To All:

[Below] is a letter that will be going out tomorrow to the President/CEO and the Chief Content Officer of PBS regarding a program that I happened across last night. This is the second very long letter I have written in the last three days. The other is to the Civil War Trust, but I do not intend to release that until sufficient time has passed for it to be received and for a response to be generated – assuming that one will be. If, after that time I have heard nothing, or, in the alternative, received an answer to my question, then both the letter and response – if any – will be as widely publicized as I am able to accomplish given my limited contacts in the Southern movement.

I will only say to you about the above is that I watched the program for what could have been no more than three minutes. I came in on the end of a quote by Lee (with a painting of him at about that time of his life) in which he said that he would sacrifice everything for his country but honor. Immediately the quote was finished, a black commentator appeared and assured the audience that South Carolina was planning to secede because it believed that President-elect Lincoln would interfere with slavery! It was just one vast, dumb lie too many. I turned the program off and began to compose the letter. It will go out in tomorrow’s mail. I am just so damned sick of Dr. Goebbel’s light (or dark, whichever) that I simply will not sit back and let this kind of bovine eschatology pass un-remarked.

I want to thank any of you who take the time to read it and, of course, you may comment upon it and distribute it as you will or send me the names and e-mail addresses of anyone else whom you think would like to read it. After learning today that the Museum of the Confederacy voted Lincoln “Man of the Year,” I think that it’s time for one of my chocolate-mocha-valium-vodka lattes.

Deo Vindice ~




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