Pay dirt
Doc (head of the SCCAC) brings to my attention an article in the Spartanburg Herald (UGH!) Journal (AGH) obviously triggered by our rally on Saturday:
The State snoozepaper has been obsessive-compulsive about the flag "issue" for many years, and felt obligated to eructate again today on top of their bigoted coverage the day after the event. But we consider it proof the System is nervous about its criminal record. That is of course me they’re quoting in the SCCAC blog.
To recap the case: Nobody but the whore politicians and media prostiticians wanted the flag sellout. We the Southern patriots and the NAACP black supremacists told them we’d never accept it — polls favored the status quo — but they forced it on us anyway.
SINator Glenn McCONnell is a LYING SNAKE here
<<<"The mainstream of South Carolina on all sides has embraced it," said Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell, R-Charleston, one of the strongest supporters of preserving the state’s Civil War history. Allowing the debate to resurface again and again "would not have been good for the long-term health of the state.">>>
……and that’s because HE is the one who MADE SURE the "ISSUE" "RESURFACED" over and over in when it had completely, healthily, rightly DIED!
The biggest big lie is that McCon has any interest in saving the South or its history, but the media mavens will repeat it until the day they die.
They have a System.