Billionaire/ Paul/ and Southern Heritage Movement!

Being a Ron Paul supporter, I read ‘Billionaire To Back Paul- Everything Changes’ on the SHNV forum yesterday with great interest. I hope that this is all true and not just an internet hoax.

Yes, the "main stream" news media has and is manipulating polls, giving misinformation, and doing every thing possible with the intent to derail the Ron Paul movement and campaign. Yes, Ron Paul is The Peoples President!

Congressman Ron Paul is the leading advocate for limited constitutional government, low taxes, sound monetary polices, the Second Amendment, border security, etc. and last, but not least, he is against illegal immigration. Are these not things that we, in the Southern Heritage Movement also advocate? Ron Paul has even said that Lincoln was wrong in fighting the "civil war" and that it was not fought over slavery!

Just as the main stream news media and all the other liberal/socialist/ multicultural powers are trying to derail Ron Paul becoming president, you know, I know, and all the people who get on yours and other pro Southern websites know, that we have been fighting the same powers of "political correctness" for years.

The NAACP calls our Cross of Saint Andrews the "Confederate Swastika" and wants it removed from the public eye. The SPLC calls us "racists" because we stand up for our Southern/ Confederate Heritage and History. The main stream news media, and yes, many modern day "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags" are against us and distort and discredit us every chance they get. Why? Because they know and are afraid that maybe "The South Was Right"’ and that "The Lost Cause" might well be the "Just and Right Cause"!

The main purpose of this article is not to "preach to the choir", but to state that the Southern Heritage Movement needs to find a billionaire to back our movement!

Money is "the root of all evil", but it can also be used for the "root of all good". Right or wrong, now more than ever in today’s world, the old saying rings true "money talks and B.S. walks". With money, groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the SPLC, and the League Of the South can get the word out, educate, and recruit through TV ads, bulk mailings, broadside’s, and many other ways to numerous to mention. Some of the money should also be used to educate our youth (many have already been lost). This could be done through private schools such as The Southern Military Institute.

The South, needs ALL of her sons and daughters now, more than ever! I would estimate that there are maybe 50,000 members in various Southern Heritage organizations today? I have heard that there are an estimated 70 million descendants of Confederate Veterans in this county and many others who are ready, willing, and want a Real Change. We need recruit why not 50 million! Money is power and there is power in numbers!

Yes, Ron Paul needs to be the Peoples President and the Southern Heritage Movement needs to become the Peoples Movement!

The Southronman!